Map Your City is a Dutch startup that is rapidly expanding across the EU and Canada. It connects local small businesses with end users looking up events and interesting venues, similar to a marketplace.

Caroline Vrauwdeunt, the co-founder, explained to Pushwoosh how her team has been creating a customer-centric and product-led company.


Having small businesses on one hand and end users on the other makes it challenging to grow the audience. The team must support both sides: provide stellar value to those who pay for a subscription while continuing to acquire new users by providing free access to high-quality content provided by subscribers.

Everything the team does is geared toward providing the best possible customer experience. They began with direct sales, but it was far too expensive and did not prove to be a reliable revenue stream. As a result, the team has adopted a product-led approach.

Solution: Product-Led approach

  • Measuring and analyzing what users do in the app to learn how to improve it. For example, with Pushwoosh, you can optimize user onboarding to increase Day 7 or Day 30 retention.
  • Providing a personalized experience for each user. They use Pushwoosh Geozones segmentation to send push notifications when users enter a specified new location.
  • Reminding users about the app via push notifications and emails. The team can send them automatically through Pushwoosh to be delivered at the best time for the user.
Caroline Vrauwdeunt

Caroline Vrauwdeunt

Co-Founder @ Map Your City

We built the entire product around a product-led go-to-market strategy. I believe that this is the only way for SaaS companies to succeed these days.

Boost engagement with personalized experiences

The first step in engaging users is geo-personalization, which Map Your City uses.

If a user is in Amsterdam > send a push: ‘Hey, looks like you're in Amsterdam. There are some great places you might want to check out.’

To keep users engaged, the team employs push notifications. For example, they invite users to follow local communities and then send them community updates. The deep link in a push notification will take the user to the exact community.

Map Your City - personalized communications for better user experience - Pushwoosh customer success story

To provide full omnichannel communication, the team reminds users about local events via email.

The product-led marketing strategy enables the team to grow organically by partnering with local businesses that attract their audience to the app. The happier partners and businesses are, the more new organic users come to the app.


Founder @ Travel Massive

One of the strongest features of Map Your City is the curated locations from brands and destinations.

Watch the whole video with Caroline Vrauwdeunt, the co-founder of Map Your City:


Caroline Vrauwdeunt

Caroline Vrauwdeunt

Co-Founder @ Map Your City

We are a customer-centric company, and push notifications and emails play a major part in our customer communication. We tried to set it up on our own backend. But managing keys and being able to send notifications to different devices that people have these days—it was a real trouble.
One of our developers had used Pushwoosh for another app and recommended it. We haven’t had any issues since.
Any startup that wants a simple way to manage push notifications would benefit from using Pushwoosh.