The leading mobile gaming company has achieved a significant increase in its in-app purchases and a rapid game app audience growth. Beach Bum has been using automated push notifications grouped into marketing campaigns to track the performance of each communication. They’ve managed to engage and re-engage users in the most efficient way.

Beach Bum has achieved 3x higher CTR, DAU, MAU, and total subscribers


  • Re-engage inactive game app users
  • Increase the number of daily and monthly active players
  • Boost in-app purchases

Solution: Pushwoosh Mobile App Growth Marketing Platform

With three game apps configured in Pushwoosh, Beach Bum set up personalized automated push notifications for multiple purposes, grouped into retention and reactivation campaigns.

With the campaign-focused approach, it has become easier for Beach Bum to analyze the outcome of their communication. This has also allowed the game app company to get better marketing results faster.

Retention & Re-Engagement

When it comes to retention, nothing works better than push notifications — they appear on the screens and grab users’ attention even when their phones are locked or the app is not launched.

Retention and re-engagement push notifications

The use of eye-catching emojis and custom notification sounds makes pushes way more noticeable and attractive. And Beach Bum gets the most out of it! The company uses a custom Dice Roll sound that users hear when the push notification is delivered, making it impossible to ignore a new message.

It's proven by numbers — all statistics show that the messages that come with a custom notification sound normally have three times higher CTR than the ones with the default sound — thanks to the element of surprise. We all turn our heads when our phones make a sound we've never heard before.

Personalized Messaging

Beach Bum also uses Pushwoosh personalization features. Addressing game app users by their names makes push notifications personalized and more engaging. Besides, when a message comes in your native language, it boosts CTR as well. So, Beach Bum decided to use automated multilanguage messaging to get better results.

Multilanguage push notifications

Wrapping it up, Beach Bum has achieved a tremendous 2–3x growth in DAU and MAU of all their game apps with the help of personalized automated push notifications. And that's even before repeating messages with Scheduled Launch came live!

Boosting In-App Purchases

Besides keeping mobile gamers engaged and awakening inactive ones, push notifications are great for sales promotion. Beach Bum uses the push channel to notify gamers about discounts and limited offers and encourage users to make in-app purchases.

Boosting in-app purchases with push notifications

As a result, Beach Bum promotional push notifications have on average an 8%–12% CTR, which is an excellent result for a gaming app.


The marketing outcomes were not long in coming. Higher CTRs triggered a domino effect and led to a spike in DAU, MAU, and a total number of subscribers, which — along with the proper use of promotional push notifications — boosted revenue.

In six months, at least one of the target metrics increased in each app — and in some cases, all of them tripled:

In one of the apps, MAU, DAU, and total subscribers tripled in just six months

Beach Bum has achieved substantial growth in user engagement and revenue with Pushwoosh. Would you like to make your own success story as impressive?