Retention pushes help return inactive gamers to the apps, increase in-app purchases and conversions.

Beach Bum is an interactive games company founded in 2015 by leading industry veterans. With over 5 million users, its most popular games can be found on Facebook and all mobile platforms.


  • Re-engage inactive gamers;
  • Increase the number of Monthly and Daily Active Users;
  • Boost in-app purchases.


With 3 apps configured in Pushwoosh, Beach Bum set up personalized push notifications for multiple purposes.

Retention & re-engagement

When it comes to retention, nothing works better than push notifications — they appear on users' screens even when their phones are locked, and the app is not launched.

Colorful emoji instantly grab attention, and a custom Dice Roll sound that users hear when the push is delivered, makes it impossible to ignore a new message.

It's proven by numbers — all statistics show that the messages that come with a custom notification sound typically have 3 times higher CTR than the ones that make the default sound — all due to the element of surprise. We all turn our heads when our phones make a sound we've never heard before.


Beach Bum also uses Pushwoosh personalization features. Addressing gamers by their names makes push notifications personalized and engaging. When a notification comes in your native language, it boosts CTR as well. Multi-language pushes always give better results.

Boosting in-app purchases

Besides, push notifications are great for  promotions: notifying about sales and personal discounts, encouraging users to make an in-app purchase is highly effective.

As a result, Beach Bum pushes on average have 8%-12% CTR, which is a great result for a gaming app:

Besides, the number of Monthly and Daily Active Users for all 3 apps has been steadily growing ever since Beach Bum launched personalized automated push messaging:

Beach Bum boosts user engagement and revenue with Pushwoosh.
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