To make a subscription offer your app users can’t resist, three components must fall into place. First, you need data about the current status of a user – whether they’re on a free trial, a premium plan or their subscription is about to expire. Second, you need a segmentation engine in function that will allow you to pinpoint users at the right stage of their lifecycle. Third, you want personalization tools to craft compelling, tailored messages for each user. These three components align with the new Pushwoosh + Qonversion integration, enabling three strategies for an app subscription boost.

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This exclusive offer is valid until May 13, 2024, extending to both new and existing users of our platforms. The only requirement is that you use Pushwoosh and Qonversion together, exploring how the integration enables our platforms to work in concert. Please note that email and SMS are not included in this offer and are subject to standard pricing.

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Strategy #1: Increase conversion from free trial to paid subscription

Is your app a hit or a miss? The trial period is when most users form their opinion. To swing things in your favor, engage with your trial users through event-triggered messages – here are a few techniques you've got to try.

1. Maximize trial users’ experiences with in-app onboarding

Guide your new users to derive the most value from the trial through an onboarding in-app messaging sequence.

  • Obtain the Trial Started event data from Qonversion
  • Use it as a trigger for an onboarding in-app messaging series in Pushwoosh.
Campaign made with Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder

Here, we show you basic flows as examples, but you can enhance and customize them to create more sophisticated sequences. Take into account users’ reachability on specific channels, their behavior in response to your messaging, etc.

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2. Use scheduled reminders to form a habit and retain trial users

If your app becomes part of the users’ routines, you are likely to secure more conversions to paid subscriptions by the end of the trial. For that, cultivate a habit of using your app with the following sequence:

  • Use event data from Qonversion to target Trial users;
  • Create an in-app survey in Pushwoosh that will suggest users opt in for push reminders at a specific time;
  • Send scheduled push reminders so users take daily language lessons, training sessions or whatever your app helps them with.

3. Last chance: Convert users to paid subscribers at the end of a trial

What if trial users don’t upgrade to premium despite all your efforts? Well, you still have your last chance to send them a subscription offer:

  • Track users who started the trial but didn’t convert at the end – use event data from Qonversion
  • To those who refused to purchase a subscription, send a push notification or an email trying to convince them change their minds.
Trial not Converted - Last-chance subscription offer with Pushwoosh
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Strategy #2: Encourage subscription renewals with automated reminders

When a once-paying user cancels their subscription, seize the moment to communicate the benefits they’ll enjoy if they come back:

  • Identify users with Subscription Canceled with event data from Qonversion;
  • Send an immediate offer in an in-app message, push notification or email.
Subscription Renewed - Personalized communication with Pushwoosh

You can also foresee a non-renewal by targeting at-risk segments with messages that emphasize the benefits of a paid subscription and potentially make a special offer for their upcoming payment.

Strategy #3: Personalize communications to upgrade and retain users

During the lifetime, your user’s subscription status may change several times: they may upgrade, downgrade, and cross-grade. You want to stay on top of that to provide relevant communication support:

  • Follow the Subscription Renewed event from Qonversion. Take note of its value.

⬆️ For upgraded users, create in-app messages and tooltips that help to maximize their extended experience and retain them for the next payment cycle.

⬇️ For downgraded users, craft push notifications and emails to at least keep them engaged with the app and maintain their usage habits.

🔀 For cross-graded users, highlight the difference between a more expensive and a cheaper plan.

Use Pushwoosh to send all sorts of personalized event-triggered messages.
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How Pushwoosh + Qonversion make these strategies possible

Pushwoosh and Qonversion synergize to make your upgrade and renewal strategies come true.

Step 1: Data collection with Qonversion

Qonversion gathers comprehensive data on user purchases and subscriptions within your app, covering subscription types, purchase amounts, and payment frequency.

Step 2: Integration with Pushwoosh

Once integrated, Qonversion seamlessly transmits purchase data to Pushwoosh, encompassing User IDs, types of purchased products, subscription statuses, and new purchases.

Read the documentation to integrate Qonversion with Pushwoosh

Step 3: Event-based targeting & Segmentation with Pushwoosh

Pushwoosh can treat the data from Qonversion immediately as events, so you can launch event-triggered messaging campaigns hassle-free.

Or you can use events for more granular segmentation and save your required segments of "Active Subscribers," "One-time buyers," or "Trial users."

Step 4: Creating a targeted campaign in Pushwoosh

On the canvas of Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder, you can map out messaging campaigns for dedicated segments. Your target users can receive push notifications, in-app messages, and emails with converting offers and guidance for better app adoption.

Step 5: Message personalization

Pushwoosh allows you to customize your communication to individual user’s content preferences, preferred messaging channels, time when they are active, etc. This allows for a better user experience and raises the odds of a subscription upgrade or renewal.

Step 6: Analyzing & Optimizing your subscription campaigns

Pushwoosh diligently analyzes the effectiveness of your campaigns, tracking users’ post-messaging behavior. There is always room for improvement, so we provide you with exhaustive metrics on messaging and app performance. We also support A/B/n testing, and our pricing encourages endless experiments.

Polina Potapova

Polina Potapova

Product Marketing Manager at Qonversion

We at Qonversion are thrilled about our collaboration with Pushwoosh. This partnership embodies our belief in leveraging technology to enhance app growth and user engagement. By integrating Qonversion's analytics and subscription management with Pushwoosh's communication platform, we're not just streamlining operations for app developers; we're transforming the way they connect with users. Together, we're unlocking new possibilities for personalized engagement and subscription success, ensuring our clients have the tools they need to thrive in today's competitive market.

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