The biggest Armenian broadband and telecommunications company has achieved an impressive increase in user engagement and conversion rates through the use of Pushwoosh. Telecom Armenia has been using in-app messages and push notifications to onboard its mobile app users, update them on the latest products and features and promote content.

The Main Challenges

Telecom Armenia was the heir to the first telecommunication system in the country. To establish itself as an industry leader that offers cutting-edge, innovative solutions in telecommunications and digital technologies to thousands of its customers, Telecom Armenia had to face several challenges:

1. Activate newcomers to turn them into engaged users

Telecom Armenia has a mobile self-service app, My Beeline Armenia, that offers a great number of up-to-date content and features. However, many users who installed the app used to give up using them soon after the onboarding process. This made it challenging to engage the audience and grow the business.

2. Create a better app onboarding experience to retain users

Solving the user engagement problem primarily required creating a clear and straightforward onboarding process for new app users. And to retain current users, Telecom Armenia needed to make them familiar with the latest features and updates.

3. Promote new content and products in a more effective way

Telecom Armenia provides various paid services and devices from E-Shop through its app — such as different tariff plans or new smartphones. So the company needed to promote this content to attract users' attention to new offers and hot deals — and grow sales as a result.

Of course, Telecom Armenia tried to solve the problems in many ways — and here’s how.

Initially, the company's two major customer engagement channels were SMS and social media like Facebook and Instagram.

“The main problem with SMS is that its CTR is about five times lower compared to push notifications,” — says Elen Simonyan, a digital product manager at Telecom Armenia. And social media, in the meantime, were not particularly effective as customers see them as a place for private communication with friends, not a place for getting marketing ads.

So, the question was, which communication channels could Telecom Armenia use for customer engagement instead? Pushwoosh had an answer.

Solution: Pushwoosh Customer Engagement Platform

Engaging Communications

With the help of Pushwoosh, Telecom Armenia started sending out push notifications to engage its users with the My Beeline Armenia app. This led to a 1.5X increase in user engagement by a single promo campaign.

Seamless Onboarding Experience

The company uses in-app messages to onboard users and keep them updated on the latest features. This helps activate and retain users, so here the company aims for long-term effects.

Effective Promotion of Paid Content

In addition, Telecom Armenia promotes new products and services using in-apps, which has already delivered pretty good results in sales and engagement growth.


Telecom Armenia keeps refining its app and improving customer communications using Pushwoosh. And this has already brought some outstanding outcomes: 5X higher CTRs than the company could achieve by using SMS and higher ratings in stores.

Here’s what Telecom Armenia likes about Pushwoosh the most:

Are you looking for a better way to onboard, activate, and engage your mobile app users?