Pushwoosh in-app messaging increased the push notification opt-in rate for Sun Devil Rewards* to 97% while improving its mobile app ratings by 36%.

Sun Devil Rewards is Arizona State University’s official loyalty and rewards program that increases brand affinity by rewarding constituents for their engagement with the university.

*The Sun Devil Rewards program, formerly in the Sun Devil Rewards app, can now be accessed in the ASU Mobile App.


  • Engaging students and alumni with news, events and important notifications on the mobile app.
  • Reengaging inactive users.
  • Attracting users to authenticate their account.
  • Expanding the reach of push notifications.


Increasing In-App Message Visibility and Functionality

With Pushwoosh, Sun Devil Rewards was able to send in-app messages containing rich media including branded images and GIFs. Combined with strong calls to action, these notifications were highly noticeable and actionable to users.

In-app messages for content promotion
The loyalty and rewards program uses in-app messages for content promotion and to communicate important messages

Reengaging Inactive Users

By using the text-to-in-app feature — a push notification that directs users to a specific in-app message — Sun Devil Rewards was able to provide users with an easy, intuitive path to authenticating their accounts.

Push notification example
Attract to authenticate

Creating Better User Experiences

By using Pushwoosh, Sun Devil Rewards saw the ratings for their mobile app increase in both the App Store and Google Play Store:

  • In the App Store, the rating increased from 3.3 to 4.5 in five months.
  • In the Google Play Store, the rating increased from 3.5 to 4.4 in five months.


  • Increased the push opt-in rate to 97%.
  • Increased mobile app ratings by 36%.
  • Effectively engaged 11,500 monthly active users.

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Advanced Marketing Tools by Pushwoosh

Sun Devil Rewards had been using push notifications to promote university news and program messaging. However, the issue with push notifications is that they can be easily dismissed.

Program administrators were looking for an innovative solution and found one in sending in-app messages with Pushwoosh.