Personalized & automated cross-channel communications that assist your customers at every stage of their lifecycle! Deliver the most relevant and timely push notifications and emails to increase user LTV and boost conversions with Pushwoosh Customer Journey.

Customer Journey is a campaign planning and automation tool that allows marketers to design and launch engaging cross-channel communications that assist customers at every stage of their lifecycle.

Watch the Customer Journey demo video to get a first glimpse of the tool:

Set up automated campaigns in minutes with a visual builder

Visual campaign builder makes it easier to plan your communications. Create chains of push notifications and emails that get launched by a user's actions.

With Customer Journey, you can build automated behavior-based message flows that ensure you’re giving each user a cohesive, relevant experience. Such messages make the strongest impact and bring the most conversions due to their relevance and timeliness.

How to set up a perfect campaign?

To benefit from the power of marketing automation, it's important to think like a customer. What would a customer do? How would they react to this? What would they want at this stage? These are the questions that should determine your strategy.

When you understand your users, their needs, and their behavior, the strategy becomes more effective. Therefore, to understand customers, you need to see how they progress through your app or website. A purchase may be the main goal of their journey, but it rarely exists in isolation. There should be many interactions with your brand which eventually lead up to the purchase.

Above your can see a customer journey that leads from app installation to the first purchase, and every interaction a user has with a brand is called a touchpoint. Using marketing automation, your goal is to ensure the customer receives the most relevant and engaging messages throughout the journey.

How to keep your communications organized and coordinated?

In the modern world, an effective engagement strategy is impossible without omnichannel messaging. Customers live online, use different devices and communication channels. Some read emails, others ignore it. Some turn off push notifications but regularly check their inbox.

Emails have lots of undeniable advantages, but using push notifications to reach those who don't read emails, can multiply your revenue. These messages can also be automated and personalized, so you can be sure they are always timely and relevant.

Push notifications can not be marked as "spam" and they are much harder to ignore, because they pop up on users' screens, drawing their attention. Besides, you can be sure there won't be any delivery issues, like the ones that can occur with emails.

That's why, to ensure that your message is delivered and heard, Customer Journey allows combining these communication channels.

Set up the rules for push notifications and emails delivery to make sure you reach your users with the right message in the right format, at the right time.

Above you can see a journey that moves an ecommerce app user that has added a product into their cart OR has visited a store, to a successful purchase.

Your cross-channel messaging is displayed in one place, so you can see the whole picture and coordinate your messages in a way that will reach the highest efficiency.

Optimize the performance and fine-tune your messages

Track the results your campaigns show and fine-tune your messages to improve their efficiency and reach your goals faster.

In Customer Journey, you can track conversions, open rates and click-through-rates of your messages to estimate their efficiency and understand what works best for you!

Deliver personalized experience to each customer

By building automated behavior-based message flows, you ensure you’re giving each user cohesive, relevant experience. Aligning your messages with a customer's experience is necessary for building engaging and relevant communications that bring conversions.

Reduce the amount of manual work

Most marketing activities are pretty time-consuming. However, you can automate the majority of them.

Automation is the key to the highest efficiency of lifecycle marketing. Set up your campaigns once and let them run on autopilot. Reduce manual work and leave no user ignored.

Gain the most conversions by building automated and personalized customer journeys.

Or let us demonstrate how Customer Journey can help your business grow: