Push notifications have one flaw: users can't go back to your messages once they've read them. Pushwoosh has an effective solution: Message Inbox increases CTR, user engagement and boosts conversions.

Keeping users informed and engaged is one of the primary goals for all businesses. Push notifications are great for that, but usually, once a user opens them, they're gone forever. That means if your customers ignore your message, or accidentally swipe it away, or simply forget what it was about, they can't see it again. This affects click-through rates quite negatively and decreases conversions.

That's why Pushwoosh has developed Message Inbox – a useful tool letting your messages reach more users. It makes your communication highly effective, increases CTR and boosts conversions.

Make more users see your offers

We live in an age where customers get bombarded with push and in-app notifications. That makes it easy for them to miss a great offer or ignore an important message. Save the most important content and promotional messages in your users' Message Inbox, where your customers can easily keep track of active promotions and offers within the app. Β 

You can still deliver targeted and time-sensitive offers, but your users will also be able to browse them at their leisure, when they are in the right mood for making purchases. Set an expiry date for each notification stored in the Message Inbox, so that you can be sure your customers always have access to valid offers and promotions, even when they retrieve content at a later date.

Boost your sales & conversions

Messages saved in Inbox have higher CTR, which results in more conversions.

Sometimes it's vital to give your audience time to think about your offer. By making your messages available to your users 100% of the time, you allow them to come back to your offers at their own convenience, as many times as they want. Your users can re-read your messages, when they are uncluttered from other marketing materials and ready to consider your offer.

A gaming app, for example, can use the Inbox to display personalized promotions based on level in the game or purchase history, without interrupting their users' gaming experience.

Message Inbox enhances user experience and drives increased revenue.

Engage & retain newcomers

Onboarding new users is extremely important for keeping them active and engaged. However, onboarding messages can reach users at the wrong time in the wrong place, which will result in them ignoring important content or getting frustrated. To avoid this, send your onboarding messages straight to Message Inbox, where users can find them, when they need them.

When a user initially opens the app, the inbox can display a series of welcome messages, helping to get started quickly.

You can be sure that your users will have enough time to study your tips and important app features in order to get the best user experience. The engagement potential of the Inbox can really drive user journeys to successful goal completions.

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Increase page views & ad revenue

Media companies frequently leverage the immediacy of push notifications to share breaking news updates with their readers. When you save your message to Inbox, Pushwoosh keeps all of its content, including copy, URLs, Deep Links, and Rich Media pages. These serve to drive users to different app/website pages and boosts advertising revenue.

A publisher can add deep links that direct users to a certain article, or they can display similar content to their readers in the Message Inbox to drive app engagement, increase page views and ad revenue.

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Some companies who have enjoyed the benefits of Message Inbox:

wetter.com, the most popular weather forecasting portal in Germany, Switzerland and other counties of the EU, uses push notifications to inform users about local weather conditions and provide allergy forecasts. All notifications are saved in the Message Inbox, so users can retrieve important weather updates, when they need it.

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Banks, such as Nickel and Bank Sinarmas, keep transactional and promotional push notifications in the Message Inbox to make sure their customers always can access important information and great offers at their convenience. Notifications about partnerships with other companies and other promo materials don't go unnoticed.

Alitalia Airlines used Message Inbox to make sure its customers didn't miss flight schedule changes, service updates, and important news. Message Inbox was a great way for them to keep as many users as possible informed.

Try the benefits of Message Inbox now – boost your CTRs and conversions!

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