Our unique High-Speed Delivery technology can help you increase audience loyalty and engagement, beat the competitors in the media market and get more revenue.

When thousands of media companies try to capture people's attention, the winners are the ones who deliver news first. Beat the competition with High-Speed Push Notifications! Our powerful and highly reliable technology (that has been tested and approved by such giants as UEFA, Alitalia Airlines, FIBA, ONE, Haaretz and others), allows you to send up to 300,000 notifications per second! That's at least 100x faster than the average speed of a push notification. Capture people’s attention as soon as news appear and deliver the most relevant content to your audience in no time.

Some major advantages of using High-Speed Push Notifications:

Audience's loyalty and engagement

Being the fastest source of news on the market goes hand in hand with higher levels of audience's loyalty and interest. According to the results of Econsultancy research, timely delivered push notifications are effective for boosting regular usage and long-term loyalty. What’s more, messaging via this channel can spark overall engagement on a longer-term basis.

High-Speed Push Notifications Result in High User Engagement

Users who have push notifications enabled for certain apps and websites have 53% more monthly sessions than users who do not. This is because the notifications are often personalized, highly contextual and reach users in high-impact moments.

More ad revenue

It's no secret that more loyal subscribers means more traffic and, as a result, more advertising revenue for a media company. Built on the industry’s most powerful technology, Pushwoosh notifications create 30%+ retention growth, 2x engagement and 10x ROI. Increase your profit with Pushwoosh!

Benefits of High-Speed Push Notifications

24/7 Priority Customer Support

Any question you might have will be taken care of in no time, 24/7. Media companies have to stay active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, delivering hot news without delays, so it's very important to have access to a reliable support service, ready to answer your questions and resolve unexpected issues at any given moment. Pushwoosh offers a separate prioritized email channel for all your needs, so that you can be a stable and reliable source of news for your audience!

Easy integration and on-boarding

We’ll make sure your integration with Pushwoosh goes smoothly and quickly. Your personal experienced Customer Success Manager will provide the highest level of support and help you build effective marketing strategies that fit the media market best. We also offer seamless integration with well-known platforms, such as Salesforce, Adobe, Hubspot, Marketo, etc.

Private enterprise cloud & guaranteed SLA

An isolated push delivery channel for your business, used only by you. With a dedicated cloud for your data and push delivery, we guarantee the fastest push delivery on the market. To ensure that there are no interruptions in our clients' marketing flow, we offer 99.9% availability of our service on our Enterprise Platform.

The Pushwoosh high-speed delivery technology is truly unique, so we don't even have competitors in the market.

The world's largest companies and organizations, such as UEFA, FIBA, Alitalia Airlines, Haaretz, Globes, Media24, Citynet, Intrigal and others, have already tried and started using our high-speed notifications feature.

Need to inform millions of sports fans about a turning point of a match right at the time it occurs? Easy. Provide users with the hottest up-to-the-minute news? Nothing is impossible. When dealing with time-sensitive content, high-speed notifications are an essential tool.

Become the fastest and the most reliable source of relevant information with Pushwoosh!

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