[UPDATED 14 September 2021] All of your user acquisition efforts are pointless if you cannot retain newcomers and keep them active in your app. That's where mobile push notifications come to the rescue. Being highly effective for user retention and engagement, they've become the key to successful app marketing.

Mobile marketers and developers know user retention is the only right way to be stable and grow in a highly competitive market. The success of your retention campaigns determines the success of your app. Also, it's common knowledge that acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one.

That's why most marketers focus on keeping users active and engaged. An essential instrument for app retention is push notifications. The data provided by Pushwoosh customers shows an evident positive impact of push notification campaigns on such metrics as the number of app launches (App Opens) and the number of Daily/Monthly Active Users.

In the picture below, you can clearly see that peaks in push notification opens always cause a boost in user activity (App Opens and DAU - Daily Active Users).

The statistics that other Pushwoosh customers have provided demonstrate the very same picture.

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How Push Notifications Retain Users

By reminding users about your app, capturing their attention, and involving them in engaging communications, push notifications make them return for new experiences and new purchases, among other things.

Here are some of the most effective message types for increasing retention rates:

Welcome Messages

Congratulations, you have a new user! However, the work is far from done. You need to show your attention early on and start building long-lasting loyalty from the very first minute.

welcome push notification

A simple welcome message will show you care!


Once you've gained a new user, it's important to show them around and share some tips on how to start using your app and get the most value from it.

A series of push notifications containing useful tips will do the job and help newcomers avoid confusion, improving user experience.

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Exclusive Offers

Personal discounts, promo codes or coupons can be highly effective for making users return. Nothing screams "we want you back" louder.

Automated Push Notifications

Push delivery automatization brings your communications to the next level of efficiency with less effort from your side. Being highly relevant to each and every user, behavior-triggered messages are always engaging and timely.

In Pushwoosh, you can send highly-segmented automated push notifications via Customer Journey Builder. It is a visual, easy-to-use tool that actually covers all the common communication channels at once. Mobile and web pushes, in-app messages, and emails are all possible to send via Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder. It allows you to deliver the right messages to your chosen segments in response to time and event triggers.

Automate your push notifications and more with Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder

Automated messages are always aligned to every user's journey and experience, which makes such communications highly relevant and effective.

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