In the five years of fruitful collaboration with Pushwoosh, Bantoa has grown into an international community of highly engaged fashion influencers and aficionados. Bantoa’s personalized push notifications get up to 91.9% CTRs, keeping 94% of its subscribers active monthly. As the first assisted online shopping platform, Bantoa keeps working — and growing! — with Pushwoosh.

Bantoa Results with Pushwoosh - Customer Success Story

About Bantoa

​​Bantoa is a fashion social e-commerce platform that guides customers in the frenetic world of online shopping for clothing and accessories.

Using Bantoa mobile apps or website, professional stylists and fashion enthusiasts can create unique looks from the items available on affiliated e-commerce websites and proceed to purchase the outfits.

Bantoa launched as a startup eight years ago in Italy; by now, it has grown into an international community welcoming mobile app users from Italy, Spain, and France. Customers from other countries can access Bantoa, too, through its international version of the app and the website.

Challenges: From Out-of-the-Box Push Notifications to Perfectly Personalized Communications

Bantoa has been working with Pushwoosh for five years; over this time, the company’s challenges evolved.

Enrico Antonini of Bantoa’s Tech Team remembers:

“At the beginning of our adventure, we worked hard on the infrastructure part, first building the site and then the mobile apps, to allow our users to be able to use Bantoa from any device.

We needed a platform that could help us send push notifications straight out of the box. Pushwoosh was simply amazing for accomplishing this task.

In the last two years, however, we have realized that the content we offered to users was a little generic, while each user actually has their own taste and different preferences and ways of selecting products and outfits. It was at that moment that we needed to start segmenting promotional and non-promotional content that we sent to our users. We had to increasingly target all communications directed to them”.

So Bantoa strived to drive engagement with precisely segmented and personalized push notifications — and hence grow the Bantoa community.

A First-Try Solution: Email (Spoiler: Not a Perfect One)

“Before starting to use Pushwoosh, we reached users exclusively by email,” Bantoa’s Enrico Antonini reveals. “Although emails are a precious tool to reach a user directly, we found them not very engaging. Oftentimes, a user has to open their inbox to realize they have received an email. And in some cases, an email can be marked as spam.”

Bantoa Found a Better Solution in Push Notifications

“Unlike emails,” noted Antonini, “notifications appear as alerts directly on the user's device and a simple tap is enough to open the app and be redirected to the correct content”.

A quick comment from Pushwoosh: this is made possible by adding Custom Data to your push notifications.

“Initially, we sent notifications with content divided only by gender but today we are able, thanks to Pushwoosh, to reach the individual user in a precise way, offering them personalized content suitable for their tastes.”

Pushwoosh customer review - Bantoa

Here are some examples of personalized push notifications that Bantoa sent. Each of these messages got CTRs in the range of 58.7% to 91.9%, how cool is that? No other e-commerce app has even been close to these numbers, from what Pushwoosh Team has observed.

Bantoa push notifications with highest CTR - Pushwoosh customer

Best Practices for High Engagement: Tried-and-Tested by Bantoa

Personalization Backed Up with Behavior-Based Segmentation

“We try as much as possible to reach our users with the content that is in line with their preferences and the products they choose or click,” explains Enrico Antonini.

“In addition to segmenting by gender, age, and language, we can take advantage of all the information in a user’s profile which is at our disposal, such as favorite types of clothes, colors and patterns they like, or sizes and budget classes that they normally choose or wear."

Bantoa onboarding screens - Pushwoosh Customer Success Story
At the first app open, Bantoa asks a user to take a detailed quiz on their clothing style preferences, size, age, budget, and shopping habits — all for deep personalization of app content and communications

“For example, to increase retention, we try to send the user notifications that allow them to view products similar to the last ones visited”.

Bantoa sends personalized push notifications with Pushwoosh


Great communication is based on true customer insights — here is one that Bantoa discovered:

“Our users don’t simply buy products — they are also outfitters, i.e. they produce content that they can share for free with the rest of the community.

We have created tools for them that allow them to build outfits from the products of our partner sites, thus also participating in competitions and rankings, increasing gamification among all users.”

Bantoa Made the Best Use of Push Notifications via Pushwoosh API

“We have developed an internal system that allows us to prepare and send notifications directly from our platform. The system takes into account the actions taken by a particular Bantoa user, as well as the user’s preferences set on their profile. This way, we manage to identify the right content to be sent directly as a notification on the user’s device.

The sending of notifications is then carried out thanks to the integration with the Pushwoosh API, which allows us to segment the audience and schedule notifications.”


User Activation: +28% user registrations

“Since we started sending target notifications based on user behavior, we have managed to register 28% of the users who downloaded the app but were never registered.”

Bantoa has increased its user activation rate with Pushwoosh

D30 Retention: +37%

“By sending personalized target notifications to registered users, we were able to raise the D30 retention by 37%.”

Bantoa has increased user retention with Pushwoosh

Bantoa Community Growth: 94% of Users Are Engaged Monthly

By 2022, Bantoa has gained an audience of 407k subscribers in its mobile apps. At that, Bantoa’s DAU numbers 35.2k and MAU count 384k. It’s remarkable that a major part of Bantoa’s app subscribers is active users.

Bantoa - Pushwoosh customer quote

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