We are excited to announce AI Composer – our new content generation feature! With AI Composer, you can easily create engaging, relevant copy for push notifications in just a few clicks. Simply input your desired keywords and let AI do the rest by generating high-quality copy that is sure to grab your audience’s attention.

No more need for manual copywriting for push notifications

There are several reasons why manual copywriting for push notifications can be challenging for app marketers:

  1. Limited space: push notifications have limited space, which means you have to be concise and make every word count.
  2. Creativity: While push notifications should be concise, they should also be engaging and capture the user's attention. This requires creativity and the ability to think of interesting and compelling ways to present information (for example, in a form of a wordplay).
  3. A/B/n testing: It's important to A/B/n test different push notification copy to see what works best for your audience. This can be time-consuming and requires a large amount of content.

Overall, push notification copywriting is time- and effort-consuming and requires a special set of skills from an app marketer. From now on, it doesn't have to be this way! With Pushwoosh AI Composer, you can easily generate high-quality copy based on your desired topic or keywords.

How to use Pushwoosh AI Composer?

To generate your first AI-powered push notification, go to Send Push section of Pushwoosh Control Panel. You can generate a one-time push notification or create a preset for further usage in your campaigns in Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder.

Simply input your keywords and let AI Composer do the rest:

Whether you’re running a promotional campaign, providing users with a reminder to use the app, or informing customers about their desired products, our new feature has you covered! Here is an example of a Christmas sale push notification generated by AI Composer:

AI-generated push notification example

Push notifications generated by AI Composer can be particularly effective for A/B/n testing. You can quickly generate a large number of variations of a given message and then determine which one performs the best. In the keywords field, just specify in brackets how many variants of messages you need for your A/B/n testing:

AI-generated messages for A/B testing

With our new AI Composer feature, you don’t have to struggle to come up with the perfect message. You can build new, creative ideas, or just get some inspiration from what AI Composer suggests to you.

For Pushwoosh customers: Why wait? Try out our new AI Composer and watch your campaigns soar to new heights!

For new users: Request a free demo to let us show you around!

P.S. AI-generated content is taking over the marketing world. This blog post was written with the help of the same Open AI technology that powers our new AI Composer feature  🙂