We are happy to release the brand new Pushwoosh iOS SDK. New features, new possibilities, bug fixes and much more! Check the release notes below.

iOS10 Foreground Push Notifications

To enable out-of-the-box foreground pushes in iOS 10, make simple code changes:

[UNUserNotificationCenter currentNotificationCenter].delegate = [PushNotificationManager pushManager].notificationCenterDelegate;

Please note: you can either use Pushwoosh delegate to receive calls or make your own one.

Carthage Support

Pushwoosh now supports dynamic libraries and Carthage, a useful and simple distribution manager for dynamic frameworks. The platform is really intuitive and helps you easily add frameworks to your project.

Pushwoosh Module

Swift integration has never been so seamless! Check the updated guide. By the way, bridging header is not required anymore!

Say “Farewell” to Xcode 7

The new SDK is compatible only with Xcode 8. Please consider upgrading to the latest version of Xcode to use the new features of Pushwoosh iOS SDK.