Delivering relevant information in real time is the key to being the most reliable and fast source of information. By automating communications with your subscribers, you can increase audience loyalty and bring more paid subscriptions. Learn how in this post.

As a media service, you should strive to make your communications as relevant to every subscriber as possible. Audience segmentation is a must if you want high open rates and increased engagement, as it ensures users get the content they are interested in. Automating message delivery and making it behavior-based will also provide your subscribers with the best experience available, so they'll keep coming to your app and website for more content.

In this post, you will find ideas on how to bring you more traffic, conversions and ad revenue thanks to inbound marketing automation. Personalized Event-based messaging is one of the best ways of achieving that. Let's break down the lifecycle of your users and see what communications should assist your customers along the way.

Opt-In (Getting Subscribers)

Before you can communicate with users via push notifications, you need to get their permissionfirst (they need to opt in, or subscribe). Opt-In Rate is one of the most important metrics - the success of your communications depends on how many subscribers you have.

To get more subscribers, you should explain the benefits of receiving your push notifications by showing an in-app message. Also, allow users to choose the topics they want to be updated on. This way, they will see the value of your messages and know that they won't be spammed with irrelevant content.

Trigger event: App installation
User segment: All users
Channel: In-app messaging

Influenced KPI: Opt-In Rate (number of subscribers)


Welcoming newcomers and explaining the basics of your app is essential for the best first experience. Successful onboarding speeds up service adoption, making users more satisfied with their experience and typically increasing user LTV by up to 300%.

Onboarding via push notifications and emails works great for user retention. Remind users about your app by delivering your message to the lockscreen. Your users will notice it even if they haven't launched your app for a while.

Entry event: Account created
User segment: All users
Channel: Cross-channel (Push notifications, Emails) + In-App messages
Example of an onboarding message flow in Customer Journey:


Behavior-based in-app banners can also guide newcomers inside the app, simplifying theirfirst journey. Offer intros, tips and other help-related onboarding materials to help them avoid confusion as soon as they open a new page and improve the overall user experience.


Influenced KPIs: User engagement, user retention, conversion rate

Improving User Experience

If you want your subscribers to stay active, you need to constantly improve their experience. Relevant and well-timed messaging is an essential part of that. It helps customers stay informed, avoid questions and confusion. You can use emails for transactional messaging, deliver special offers and personalized promotions via push notifications/emails, introduce and showcase new features via in-apps.

Channels: Push notifications, emails In-App messaging

Influenced KPIs: User engagement, user retention, conversion rate

User Retention

All of your user acquisition efforts are pointless if you cannot retain newcomers and keep them active. That's where push notifications and emails come to the rescue. These communication channels are highly eective for user retention and preventing churn.

User segment: Users that haven't been active for a certain period of time
Channels: Emails, Push Notifications

Influenced KPIs: Time since the last app launch, DAU, MAU, time in the app, number of app launches, screen opens, user LTV.

Driving Paid Subscriptions

Driving revenue growth is the ultimate goal of all marketing communications. Here are some automation scenarios for driving sales, cross-selling and upselling.

User segment: Accounts for upselling
Channels: Push notifications, emails, in-app messages

Influenced KPIs: Revenue, conversions

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Segmentation based on preferred content allows users to get only those updates that they deem important. Such pushes have high CTR (up to 10%) and contribute to the audience growth.

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