High-speed news delivery, precise audience segmentation, cross-channel messaging to reach and engage every subscriber and more — Pushwoosh has all you need for a successful communication strategy.

Pushwoosh is one of the most popular communication services among media companies, trusted by news sources from over 100 countries:

Why do they choose Pushwoosh as a push notification marketing platform? Here are some of the reasons for that:

A variety of media-oriented solutions

High-Speed Push Notifications

When thousands of media companies try to capture people's attention, the winners are the ones who deliver news first. Pushwoosh High-Speed Delivery technology allows sending out 300,000+ notifications per second — that's at least 100x faster than the average speed. It allows media companies to be the fastest and the most reliable source of news, which drives more traffic to their apps and websites.

Promote News: the feature for content delivery in two clicks

Here is your shortcut to immediate news delivery. The new Promote News feature allows distributing posts literally in two clicks.
Editors, content managers, bloggers, and app marketers can take mere seconds to send a push notification and deliver the news faster than their competitors.
With this feature, distribution of opinion articles and evergreen content becomes effortless too.

Audience Segmentation

Dividing your audience into segments based on various criteria (such as age, country, preferred content topics, subscription plan etc.) and delivering the most relevant content for each of them results in higher click-through rates for all of your messages. It builds a loyal, engaged audience on both mobile and web. Here's an example of a message for a teenage user who's interested in science and space exploration:

Workflow automation with RSS feeds

Pushing the latest news is easier than ever: subscribe for an RSS feed inside Pushwoosh Control Panel and define how often Pushwoosh checks for latest entries. When there is a new entry, the content gets automatically pushed to your audience. It’s Breaking News compatible, supports customizable fields and images.

Subscription Widget and In-app messaging for higher opt-in

Showing a custom push subscription form instead of a standard one can increase push opt-in rates drastically. To get as many subscribers as possible, make sure to explain users the value of push notifications. Let users choose the topics they want to subscribe to. Increase the subscribed audience, drive engagement and LTV.

Frequency capping to avoid spamming

It’s important to avoid overcommunication, as users are more likely to unsubscribe if they feel like they're getting spammed. Capping allows avoiding the issue, decreasing opt-out rates.

Automated behavior-based message delivery

Launch real-time messaging to make your content as timely as it can be. Plan your message flows on a canvas and deliver personalized push notifications and emails to your customers as a response to their in-app and on-site actions. Filter the recipients by various criteria and drive conversions more effectively!

Campaign analytics and statistics

Track the performance of your push and email campaigns for various user segments. Get a clear picture of how you should fine-tune your communications.

How media companies use Pushwoosh

Wetter.com, a weather forecasting portal, uses Segmentation to deliver the most relevant weather alerts to each user. The app offers multi-level subscription, where you can choose what types of weather alerts you want to receive.

Segmentation based on preferred content allows users to get only those updates that they deem important. Such pushes have high CTR (up to 10%) and contribute to the audience growth.

One.co.il is the first to update its Hebrew-speaking audience on sports news with the help of High-Speed Push Notifications. It delivers notifications about score changes, match highlights and other hot news faster than anyone else. With time-sensitive content, such as live scores, red/yellow cards, and match highlights - those who deliver such news first, get all the traffic.

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