Continuing our talks on event-based marketing, let's take a look at how e-commerce companies and mobile applications owners can set up automated behavior-based communications that bring conversions.

In our previous post, we've discussed what event-based marketing is, and why it's a must for a modern company.

Today, we're going to talk about the actual cases that show how a company can set up event-based marketing.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Did you know that cart abandonment rate is around 70% and rising? Just imagine all the lost revenue. Customers can get distracted by something, encounter technical issues, have their credit rejected or simply have second thoughts about the purchase and forget about their cart. Nevertheless, these people wanted to buy something. And you can easily remind them about this fact to increase your sales.

Deliver personalized push notifications or emails at specified time once a user adds something to their cart. Send different messages depending on the time that’s passed since the abandonment.

Loyalty Programs

Run automated loyalty programs that will reward your users for being active, encourage repeat purchases and make their loyalty even stronger.

Let's imagine you have a user that has made 5  purchases - it would be nice to reward them with a discount or acknowledge his loyalty with some other bonus. Deliver a message with a personal promo code once they've made the 5th purchase.


Once your users buy a certain product/service, Pushwoosh can deliver them a message that recommends the products they most likely want to purchase next. It creates great opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.


Let's imagine your customer has a Standard subscription to your service, and you want to upgrade them to Premium. If your Premium plan includes features that your clients use a lot, you can remind them about the possibilities they get once they upgrade:

Action-based campaigns that send push notifications aligned with customer experience drive conversions more effectively, as they are always well-timed and relevant.

When it comes to mobile application marketing, event-based communications are great for increasing retention rates, onboarding new users and driving conversions.


Onboarding is essential for keeping new users active, improving their experience and bringing them back to your app. Building your onboarding around user actions is the right approach that allows keeping the number of active users growing.

With the help of Customer Journey, you can create sequences of onboarding messages that will be delivered as a response to every user's actions and provide them with useful tips on how to get the most value from your product.


Remind dormant users about your app. Wait for 5 days and remind those who haven't launched your app since about the value your product/service provides. There's a good chance these users will come back.

Running Surveys

Let's imagine your user has upgraded to a Premium-level account. It would be nice to ask them how they like your service in a month - that's when you can gain valuable feedback to make your product better or simply show your customers that you care.

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