The global social network uses emails and push notifications for engaging users, increasing their activity, retention, and improving other key metrics.

ASKfm is a global social networking site built on a Q&A format, where users can create profiles and send each other questions.


The social network needs to increase user activity by informing millions of people about news and updates related to their profiles, deliver service messages, conduct marketing surveys, and promote the ASKfm cryptocurrency (AskCoin).


ASKfm increases user activity by delivering profile updates via push notifications & emails. Cross-channel communications allow reaching the audience using the channels that work best for boosting user activity.

Push notifications are the fastest way to deliver newly received questions and quickly engage users. Such pushes have a sky-high CTR (on average it’s 12-13%), because people tend to answer new questions as soon as they get them. results - Pushwoosh success story

Over 500 million notifications are sent by ASKfm daily, the total amount of monthly active users is currently over 12.6 million, with 8.6 million subscribed to pushes.


Pushwoosh helps ASKfm promote its new cryptocurrency - AskCoin - given to active users for answering and asking questions. Informing users about that via emails and pushes engages users quite effectively.

To make its products and services even better, ASKfm uses Pushwoosh emails to collect user feedback and conduct marketing surveys.

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