V/Line provides regular travellers with the most up-to-date service information via push messages.

V/Line is a government-owned Australian company operating regional passenger train and coach services in the Victoria region.


Every week more than 2000 trains travel between Melbourne and neighboring cities. Thousands of people rely on train and coach services for their daily commute, so it's extremely important to keep them updated on the changes in schedules and services.


Using Segmentation based on a commuter's route and train schedule, V/Line automates sending relevant notifications to the right people at the right time. Passengers receive reminders about their planned journeys and are kept updated on any changes in train schedules.

Pushwoosh success story - V/Line push notifications

V/Line app now has over 45,000 monthly active users. More than 131,000 customers are subscribed to push notifications (the audience has tripled over the last 2 years). Hundreds of thousands of timely push notifications about V/Line services are delivered every month.

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