It’s been a while (if it’s not broken – don’t fix it) since we updated our Pushwoosh Cordova Plugin. Finally, 6.0.0 version has been released!

What’s new in Pushwoosh Cordova Plugin 6.0.0?

  • Unified integration for all platforms
  • Customization for Foreground Pushes, Custom Push Sound, Custom Push Icon, Custom Push Data, Controlling Log Level, Geozones Push and Deep Linking
  • Permissions for location tracking are now disabled by default

Why is it useful?

  • No need to configure each platform individually. Once code is written – it works for every platform
  • Configuration of the most popular features is now simple and clear

Consider this

No more backwards compatibility. Some features from the old plugin version will not work in the new one until you reconfigure them.

Please check the new guidelines and repos:

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