A while ago we named the reasons to let push providers run your push notifications campaign. Along with insufficient speed and system instability, there are other key factors that make self-hosted push notification server a very questionable solution.


Let’s imagine that your application or website gets one million users out of the blue. Are you ready to process, segment all this data and start sending push notifications in a timely manner? Even thoroughly tested systems are known to go down under such great, but such unexpected success.

The opposite use case is also possible. You spend time and money to build your own solution, hoping to have half a million subscribers in 10 days at the very outside. But in practice you have an audience of 27k one month later after you launched your application. Resources were spent but there is no expected output. However, there is no downgrade button to switch to lower pricing tier. Disappointing, isn’t it?

Our service fits Startup and Enterprise needs alike. Whether you have a handful or ten million devices, your push campaigns will be running smoothly. If your app gets one million installs in one day – we welcome them with open arms. You can grow with your own tempo and broaden the functionality of your Pushwoosh account as and when necessary.


Self-hosted push notification server would probably send pushes to all subscribed devices. Poor segmentation will result in a low click-through rate and make you doubt push messaging is a technology made for your business. Missing out on push notifications benefits would only lose your money and loyal audience, don’t risk it!

We provide numerous features for each individual push campaign, suitable both for websites and mobile apps. Growing with your own tempo, you can gradually expand your features set and have a 100% personalized solution. Just name it, and we have it: Targeted Pushes, Multi-Language Environment, A/B/C/D Tests, In-App Messages, Rich Media, Team Access, Automation, Advanced Stats and many more!

Cost Efficiency

Over 3000 man-hours and more than $300,000 are spent monthly to keep Pushwoosh on the top of the stack. We translate our clients’ demands into cutting-edge features of high value. We take over the maintenance to save your time and money, and provide you with a powerful and easy-to-use service.

Grow with us! We are always happy to help you choose the best option. If you have any questions regarding pricing tiers or Pushwoosh functionality, don’t hesitate and drop us a line via Contact Us form on our website or help@pushwoosh.com.