Challenge Accepted

International offline events are a great opportunity to challenge your company, know what it’s really worth and create a real value for people all over the world. Besides, this is a perfect chance to go global. In that case it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that it was more than exciting to realize that we’re going to work with the Union of European Football Associations all through the EURO 2016.

UEFA, the governing body of European football, perfectly set the stage before this worldwide event. Their mobile application was developed to engage, inform and notify users throughout the entire tournament. And that’s where Pushwoosh stepped into the breach.

Objectives Set

The issue that faced us was the necessity to send unprecedentedly huge amount of push notifications in an extremely short period of time. In other words, we had to send pushes blazingly fast. The events that must have been accompanied with push notifications were truly numerous: from goals and penalties to line-ups and final score. Nothing should have been missed out.

Imagine the huge user base of the EURO 2016 app and get the idea of how big is the thing we were supposed to keep up and running.


Luckily, the technology developed by our engineers allowed us to process truly big amounts of data and successfully accomplish the task.

What also should be noticed is an amazing push subscription rate of 75-80%. You’ll probably ask where the ruse is and notice that EURO is not a regular local event. Yes, the tournaments of such caliber and importance involve high level of hype and engagement automatically, BUT it doesn’t mean you can’t add some magic to make it perfect. Moreover, every app owner has a chance to create a rich user experience for the subscribers.

In the next blog post we will thoroughly describe the way UEFA achieved the push subscription rate of 75-80% with the help of Pushwoosh.

Things Left Unsaid

Euro 2016 is in full spate now. Until it ends, you have a perfect opportunity to make sure notifications are running smoothly. Download the app and see for yourself that pushes are being sent like a clockwork. But please don’t be frustrated to receive a push a few second earlier than you actually witness the event via TV or a web live stream. Since Pushwoosh is far beyond the common technologies you should be prepared for time travel and quantum breaks :)