Sky’s the limit when it comes to analyzing your audience, splitting it into segments, and targeting them with the right messaging. Pushwoosh and Mixpanel are aiming for the stars with the much-anticipated integration made to provide our customers with even more detailed insights for even more effective communications.

What is Mixpanel?

Mixpanel is the leading product analytics platform that enables teams to learn from their user data and innovate rapidly in creating winning products. Mixpanel provides product teams with insights on user acquisition, conversion, engagement, and retention.

Like Pushwoosh, Mixpanel is the most beneficial to mobile apps; and like Pushwoosh, Mixpanel is powerful enough to serve web-driven businesses too.

As of now, Mixpanel serves 6,000+ paying customers, helping the world answer 81 million product questions every year.

Pushwoosh + Mixpanel = Out-of-the-box solution for detailed analytics and granular segmentation

As a user of the Pushwoosh + Mixpanel integration, you can enjoy:

Sophisticated customer segmentation

Gain deep insight into your target segments’ behavior thanks to access to users’ real-time reactions to your messages.

On-point context-based messaging

Turn insights from user behavior analysis into more relevant messages and better-targeted communication scenarios. Reap the benefits in the form of higher conversions.

Personalized communications like it’s 2022

Do way better than just calling customers by their names — show them you know and care about them. Send messages that reflect users’ needs, pain points, and even secret desires. With extra-detailed analytics, you are capable of this!

How Pushwoosh and Mixpanel work together

  1. Select criteria to create cohorts and export them from Mixpanel.
  2. Instantly send messages to relevant segments. Another option: combine your Mixpanel data with user behavior insights gained from Pushwoosh and target your communications at the new, super-specific segment.
  3. Track how customers respond to your messages and differentiate your further communications accordingly in real time.
  4. Configure regular cohort export from Mixpanel to keep sending on-point messages to relevant groups of customers at the right moments.
  5. Send data from Pushwoosh to Mixpanel via webhooks to further improve your segmentation.
Learn how to integrate Mixpanel + Pushwoosh

The future of insight-based messaging

We at Pushwoosh and Mixpanel keep abreast of mobile and web technologies to provide our customers with the most useful and hassle-free solutions. As the core integration between our platforms is already up and running, we challenge ourselves to further ease data export and import, filtering, and historical data processing.

Check out the Pushwoosh + Mixpanel integration today — as usual, our Support Team will be more than happy to help you and hear your feedback.