We've talked multiple times about the importance of personalization, how it increases conversions and user LTV. That's why Pushwoosh constantly improves and creates new personalization opportunities for you to engage your customers. Our most recent improvement allows bringing personalization to a whole new level Liquid Templates give the highest relevancy!

Pushwoosh Liquid Templates significantly broaden the Dynamic Content usage by implementing a sophisticated logic in addition to regular Dynamic Content capabilities. It allows you to quickly and easily communicate with your customers by delivering the most relevant messages to every single one of them.

Use Cases

Here are some great examples of how Liquid Templates can enhance your marketing efforts and be beneficial to your business:

  1. Improved Cart Recovery

Make your cart recovery messages a direct hit! Remind your customers about the number, the names and other attributes of the items in their carts. Such messages are more likely to capture a user's attention and encourage them to complete a purchase.

Let's say one of your customers has one item left in the cart, but another one has three. How do you choose between plural 'items' and singular 'item' when writing the content of the message? Liquid Templates offer a simple solution: create ONE template based on 'if' logic operation to choose the correct word form depending on the number of items added to the user's cart.

2. Highly Personalized Loyalty Programs

Let's say you give points to the most active users of your app, and those points can be spent on different kinds of bonuses. By creating ONE Liquid Template, you can reach all of your users, telling them what bonuses are available to them, depending on the number of points they have.

3. Boosting sales

Your users add certain items to their Wishlists. It would be great to inform them about the special offers that apply to those items! It's highly likely they'll get interested. Besides, depending on the length of their Wishlist, they'll receive different messages.

4. More human communications

Make your communications multi-language, timezone-sensitive, and as human as possible. Liquid Templates adjust your content to every single user.

How it works

Liquid Templates provide a handful of logic operations and filters that allow choosing the content that fits a certain value extracted from a user profile. That’s how, depending on that value, the content of your message changes for each and every customer.

Here's an example of what this logic looks like for a Wishlist discount:

  "request": {
    "application": "C90C0-0E786", 
    "auth": "yxoPUlw.....IyEX4H", // API access token from Pushwoosh Control Panel
    "notifications" : [ // push message parameters
       "content": "Get 20% off item{% if WishList.size > 1 %}s in your WishList!{% else %} in your Wishlist!{% endif %}",
        "use_template" : true, // enables templating if set to 'true'
        "template_bindings": { // optional. When no template_bindings are passed in a request, Tag values from the device are used.
         "WishList" : ["Skinny Low Ankle Jeans", "Linen Trenchcoat", "High Waisted Denim Skirt", "Strappy Tiered Maxi Dress"]

Check out our documentation to learn more about using Liquid Templates for personalization in your marketing campaigns.

Try Liquid Templates and reach a brand new level of personalization with less effort!