Did you know that confirmation emails on average have 3–4 higher Open Rates (70–80%) than other types of letters? This makes them a perfect place for further promotions, yet many marketers overlook the opportunity. Keep reading to discover three ways to generate more sales and achieve greater success with emails.

What is a confirmation email?

An order confirmation email is a transactional message that you send to your app users or website visitors as verification of a successfully completed action.

Such an email is usually sent in response to on of these most common triggers:

  • Account registration / activation
  • Order placement (or purchase confirmation)
  • Payments
  • Subscriptions
  • Password & account details changes
  • Shipping or delivery of an item

Goals you can achieve with confirmation emails

From a customer's perspective, a confirmation email assures that a business is striving to make their services as transparent and convenient as they can be.

Imagine buying something online and not receiving a confirmation email. You might start to get concerned: Did my order go through? When will my product be shipped? Was the payment successful? Did I just get scammed? You definitely don't want your customers to have such doubts.

Contrary to a popular belief, not only e-commerce companies can use transactional emails for marketing purposes. Confirmation emails can be delivered to customers of any type of business, and these simple messages create numerous opportunities for cross-selling, upselling, and generating additional revenue.

Doing promo in confirmation emails? 3 goals you can achieve


Customer acquisition costs are rising, so the importance of cross-selling and increasing the average order value (AOV) can't be underestimated. Your order confirmation emails are a great place to cross-sell more products.

Help your customers find other products they need — or even the products they never knew they needed! By intelligently predicting what your customers may want to buy next and presenting the products in your confirmation emails, you can easily drive more sales.

Besides, you can notify your users about discounts and special offers that apply to those items, which will serve as additional motivation.


Let's suppose your user has just bought your standard-level subscription. Deliver a confirmation email that tells them about the benefits of your premium-level subscription. There's a chance that some users will decide to upgrade (if not now, then in the future), having read about the additional value of a more expensive subscription plan.


Generating repeat purchases

You’ve already done the hard work of building trust and demonstrating value. So why go to all that effort with someone new, when there are people who’ve already purchased from you in the past?

Don’t just use confirmation emails to notify your customers that their order has been shipped. Obviously, this should be the most emphasized information, but it shouldn’t be the only information.

Send a unique discount code so that they know they can use it to buy from you again.

If your customers like what they bought from you, and they see that they can get the next item with a discount, they’ll be much more motivated to buy from you again.

All they’ll need to do is come back to the shipping confirmation email to use it.

It costs six to seven times more to acquire new customers than it is to retain old ones. Additionally, regular customers on average purchase 67% more than the rest. So why not take this chance and reap a low-handing fruit?

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