Great news!

Our new Campaigns functionality goes live at this very moment, and here are three reasons for you to check it out.

  1. Plan your marketing, educational or entertainment push campaigns and observe them reaching the goals you set.
  2. Unlike with most of other solutions, in Pushwoosh you can pull together all data that serves the same purpose to see the bigger picture. Scheduled pushes, automated pushes, GeoZones, iBeacons, seasonal greetings to your family – every push that drives you closer to success can be seen working as a part of the team.
  3. It is so easy to organize millions of pushes you send out daily. No more searching for the most important one, sent who knows how many days ago.


All you need to do is Add Campaign in the Control Panel and start collecting your stats. It’s that easy.


Keep track, stay informed, react fast!

The Campaigns feature is currently provided as Beta