No extensions. No limitations. Meet the new era of communications.

Back when we were kids, every time we watched a certain movie we dreamt of going freely into space – a light fighter jet could take you anywhere, from one city to another, from a small planet to the center of the galaxy far, far away.

As grownups, we dream of different things, but freedom from any borders is one of the basic needs for modern society. Here at Pushwoosh we do our best to give you this freedom, to go beyond different platforms and multiple programming languages. As of yesterday we have already supported 21 different platforms and cross-platform tools, but you know all of this already.

Today we took it to the next level. With the latest Chrome 42 release you can reach your website readers on desktop and mobile devices with a single shot. That’s it. No strings attached. App-like experience.


What does that mean? By some estimations Chrome usage against all other browsers goes as high as 49%*. In other words, a half of all Internet users became instantly available for the dialogue with your web app. Well, you might want to wait while all of us update to the latest Chrome version, but we’ll get there.

You’re one step away from the new beginning! Open this page, learn a new trick and may the push be with you!


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