What are the best ways to increase e-commerce sales? Strategically speaking, you can choose to pick the low-hanging fruit or get a ladder to harvest the ripest ones. Mobile messaging can help you do both. Keep reading to learn how to master some juicy scenarios and see tangible results until the season ends.

Recover Abandoned Carts
Encourage Repeat Purchases
Drive Special-Occasion Sales
Stimulate First-Time Conversions

Recover Abandoned Carts to Multiply Your Sales and Revenue

Mobile commerces lose up to 85.69% of purchases to cart abandonment. Luckily, you can beat the odds with a messaging flow designed for abandoned cart recovery.
Here is the base scenario. Once a customer triggers an event = adds a product to their cart but doesn’t purchase it, the countdown begins. Pushwoosh will wait an hour or a full day until it reminds your customer about their would-be purchase.

You may apply extra-focused segmentation, for example:

  • Send push notifications to those who opted in for pushes and direct emails to those who subscribed to receive communications via this channel;
  • Differentiate users who didn’t open your app for 3 days from those who didn’t open it for 7 days. You may want to extend your message to those who abandoned a cart a week ago.
Abandoned Cart Recovery Messaging Flow - An Idea for Higher E-Commerce Sales

You can also modify the journey by starting it with a different trigger event. For example, you can schedule your communication shortly after the moment when your customer bounces from a product or pricing page. This way, you can target a larger audience and catch your potential clients earlier in their decision-making.

Recover abandoned carts

Scale Up Your Sales with Repeat Purchases

Repeat customers are 9 times more likely to convert than first-time shoppers. Moreover, one repeat customer brings the revenue equivalent to that generated by five new customers.

Can’t wait to get your sales to skyrocket from repeat purchases? There are two ways to pursue this goal:

  1. Entice your current customers with new offerings right after they complete their first purchase and follow up on them in the Add to Cart flow (see the GIF above).
  2. Go after those who have ever purchased anything from you, no matter when exactly it happened. In the Increase In-App Purchases template, you send your communications to all of your previous buyers.

To maximize conversions, you may split the “Purchased something” segment into groups:

  • Users who have opened your app in the last 3 days vs. those who haven’t entered it for a week;
  • Customers that have checked out any product page recently vs. those who haven’t;
  • Users that have added anything to their wishlists and those who don’t have any favorites.

Customize your messages to different categories of shoppers and see how they convert.

Drive More Sales by Targeting Repeat Customers - An Idea of a Messaging Flow
Encourage repeat purchases

Drive Special-Occasion Sales for Instant Revenue Growth

Holidays are great for reconnecting with those you care about — your customers, in the first place! Special occasions tempt shoppers to spend 17% more per transaction. And if it is a repeat customer, they will make a 25% more expensive purchase than usual.

Indulge your audience’s appetite: tease them with a holiday discount and ensure the majority of your app users (=everyone who has enabled notifications) receives your message.

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Holiday Campaign in E-Commerce - Pushwoosh

If you have a hypothesis on your pricing, a discount promo can help to test it. Add a Segment Splitter to the flow: target specifically those users who have abandoned their carts or spent too much time in your pricing section. They might hesitate because their chosen items are too expensive. If so, a limited-time discount may help them make up their minds.

Naturally, you can promote any special offer or a priority item in your app with this kind of messaging sequence. No need to wait for the next holiday season.

Promote special offers

Stimulate First-Time Conversions

Now you must be 100% aware of how profitable your communication with repeat customers may be. But how do you get users to make a first-time purchase in your app? Three strategies are applicable.

1️⃣ Broadcast an announcement of the holiday collection arrival or a start of holiday sales

Split your entire audience into two big groups: those who bought something from you in the past and those who have never converted.

Send the same broadcast message to each of these groups. See if your never-purchasers will finally convert.

Converting Messages to E-Commerce Customers - Pushwoosh

2️⃣ Section out your most promising future customers by their behavior

Identify your almost purchasers — the customers that are one step away from completing a purchase. You can track such highly engaged shoppers by:

  • App Opens

Those who have opened your app recently are most likely to convert — especially if they’ve done it a few times in the last couple of days.

  • Push Notification Opens

Pay attention to those who click on your pushes — and make sure to push them to make an order.

  • Product Views and Favorites

Those who show interest in particular products may be the easiest to sell to. Add a promo code to your message, notify them of a seasonal price change or create a sense of urgency by saying there is only one desired item left in stock.

Converting E-Commerce App Users Into Customers

From your internal analytics, you may detect even more specific behavioral patterns. Use them as Start Events in your converting messaging flows.

Your efforts will pay off: according to a Pushwoosh internal study, behavior-based communications result in 25× higher conversions.

3️⃣ Target a segment of customers that are most likely to pay

Another option is to detect those potentially valuable purchasers by analyzing the data you have on them. For example:

  • Geolocation & timing

As holidays and shopping seasons differ from one region to another, so should your campaign schedules.

If you plan a Mother’s Day campaign, you can definitely expect most of the conversions to happen in May, coming from your European and US audiences.

However, you may choose to drive extra sales in the countries that celebrate Mother’s Day in March and hence target the customers from these regions earlier.

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Pushing users to their first-time purchase surely requires skill and time, but in the end, all efforts pay off. After one purchase, customers are 27% likely to pay again, and for the second and third purchases, the chances double.

Drive first-time conversions

The Highest Increase in E-Commerce Sales Is Achieved with the Omnichannel Approach

The more touchpoints you have with your customer, the higher your chances are to be heard — and to be purchased from. This is why following customers to their favorite channels is key.

Moreover, keeping all your communication channels under control and in perfect sync is the only way to build long-term retention and trust. And you surely want your customer to convert again, don’t you?

Ensure maximum sales during any shopping season with a field-proven omnichannel messaging solution. Engage, convert, and retain your e-commerce app customers with Pushwoosh.

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