Pushwoosh Customer Journey now allows splitting your audience into segments and delivering personalized and highly engaging content to every user.

Why segmentation is a must

User segmentation is often the key to reaching a company's marketing goals. Done right, it helps ensure your customers and prospects receive the right messages, in the right format, at the right time. Such personalized communications have sky-high open rates, drive more conversions and, as a result, revenue.

Audience segmentation allows:

  • Advanced personalization (it's not only about addressing customers by their names, but also considering the context of communications);
  • Talking about specific customer pain points (works great for improving conversion rates);
  • Building user loyalty and trust;
  • Increasing user Lifetime Value.

Lifecycle marketing with Customer Journey is simple and automated. A visual drag-and-drop tool allows building sequences of messages that will be automatically delivered to your users depending on the tags they've been given or actions they've performed.

True/False Splitters divide your audience into segments based on various criteria, such as age, gender, device type and other custom tags you can create. You can store any type of information about your users and then build your communications with certain audience segments, using different approaches. It allows making your messages personalized and highly effective.

NOTE: You can use several splitters at once - Customer Journey can divide your created segments into more segments, which creates opportunities for highly precise multi-level targeting.

Try out the Customer Journey Segmentation capabilities and increase the efficiency of your communications!