Pushwoosh customers are now able to add advanced location-based filters to their automated behavior-based push campaigns. Geo-behavioral segmentation comes as a result of the Crowd Connected partnership with Pushwoosh.

Crowd Connected, the mobile location context data specialist, enhances Pushwoosh’s existing geo-targeting capabilities.

Rather than intermittent proximity, geo-fences, or footfall/dwell, Crowd Connected’s serverless spatio-temporal pattern engine enables advanced segmentation. Full journey histories are stored, and real-time queries return audience segments which can be built using unlimited location and time filters.

When combined with other existing segmentation functionality in the Pushwoosh platform, this delivers new levels of personalization.

For example, for an organizer of a major event with patrons attending at a venue, automated rule-based messages can be triggered or broadcast to:

  • Alert ticket holders when to commence their journey to the venue, with individuals receiving the message at different times, dictated by estimated travel times.
  • Provide step-by-step logistical alerts on arrival and departure, tailored to the individual’s journey pattern (so someone dropped off by taxi can be directed to the appropriate pick-up location at the end of the event).
  • Promote merchandising with differentiated offers based on whether, or how frequently, a particular individual has previously visited an official retail outlet.

Pushwoosh’s Senior Director, Business Development, Nastya Lagunova, said:

“We’re delighted that our customers can now benefit from advanced geo-location segmentation. By integrating Crowd Connected’s location intelligence we have once again strengthened the personalisation capabilities of our platform. This will be particularly relevant to our licensees who operate predominately in the physical world and who want to use smart location segmentation in their messaging strategies.”

Crowd Connected’s Commercial Director, Mark Maydon, said:

“Understanding customer location context is critical for many physical businesses keeping on the right side of digital disruption. The partnership with Pushwoosh delivers a toolset, out-of-the-box, to anyone who requires best-in-class personalisation in their mobile application.”

For further information, you may contact Pushwoosh’s Nastya Lagunova or request a Pushwoosh demo.

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About Pushwoosh:

  • Pushwoosh is an advanced customer engagement platform that automates marketing communications across mobile and web platforms.
  • The platform contains features for effective broadcast and triggered messaging, including the Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder tool. Users can send push notifications, in-app messages, and emails to 22 platforms.
  • In the last 10 years, Pushwoosh has helped 80 000 businesses across the globe to increase their customer engagement and retention metrics and stimulate their revenue.

About Crowd Connected:

  • Crowd Connected intelligently gathers, processes and analyses location data from mobile apps on a strict first-party-only basis. To date the technology has handled 2.5 billion location observations.
  • The company’s software solutions deliver real-time positioning, wayfinding, crowd tracking, footfall analytics and other location-based insight, geofencing and personalisation.
  • Organisations spread across 26 countries, from multinational entertainment brands to the operators of individual premises, licence Crowd Connected’s technology to optimize the physical customer experience.