Subscriptions, like other forms of committed relationships, have their ups and downs. Sometimes they go south after a trial period; other times they fall apart seemingly out of nowhere when a renewal doesn’t occur because of a billing issue. Whatever the obstacle, the outcome is that you, as a business, are losing out on potential revenue. To do better, you can now rely on the joined power of Pushwoosh + Adapty solutions.

What is Adapty?

Adapty provides real-time information about users’ key actions related to payment: starting and finishing a trial, purchasing and canceling a subscription, making an autorenewal or facing any payment issue. Adapty allows reacting to such events with timely offers and customizable paywalls.

When a user is still in the app, Adapty helps you engage and convert them. When a user is out of the app and you still want to reach them, this is the time for a customer engagement platform like Pushwoosh to step in.

Pushwoosh + Adapty: Use full data on subscriptions and paywall reactions for more effective messaging

The new integration allows Pushwoosh and Adapty customers to create a complete ecosystem around their users’ subscriptions:

💜 Adapty will inform you of any subscription-related events and paywall interactions. Once integrated with Pushwoosh, it can pass the data to the messaging platform.

💚 In Pushwoosh, you will be able to set events from Adapty as triggers for communication. This way, you can tailor your messages to the user’s in-app actions and keep them engaged when they are out of the app.

Mike Yudin - Pushwoosh

Mike Yudin

Head of Product at Pushwoosh

Using Adapty + Pushwoosh together, app marketers can track any subscription-related events out-of-the-box and launch triggered campaigns to increase their numbers of paying users, upsell and encourage renewals. As a result, a subscription business can enjoy a significant boost in revenue — all thanks to effective triggered communications made possible with the new integration.

What events can you set as messaging triggers?

  • Guide users through a trial period and dispel any hesitation they might have when it’s over
  • Follow users on their conversion journey: instill the idea of their first subscription purchase, promote renewals, and prove the benefits of upgrading
  • If a paying user happens to cancel their subscription, don’t let them walk away: try to re-engage and re-convert them
  • Experiment with conditions and special offers you display on your paywalls and align your further messaging accordingly
Adapty events - Pushwoosh triggers
Some of the events you can track in Adapty and set as triggers for your campaigns in Pushwoosh
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How does the integration between Pushwoosh and Adapty work?

  1. You need to have accounts both in Pushwoosh and Adapty.
  2. From the Pushwoosh side, API Access Token and AppCode will be required.
  3. Once a short and easy integration is complete, you can select the events you want to use as triggers for communication. They will be used to update Pushwoosh profile tags. Pushwoosh will only get access to the data on the events you actively consent to share.

Go through the entire process with the integration guide in Adapty documentation.

Boost your revenue by 40% with a streamlined subscriptions ecosystem

Getting back to our relationship metaphor, app subscribers, like important people in our lives, expect special treatment. When they receive it, they pay back with their loyalty, upgrades, and renewals.

Event-triggered messaging powered by Pushwoosh + Adapty allows you to establish that personal connection with users. You get to reach them at every stage of their lifecycle and gently push them further down the funnel. And with more subscriptions encouraged by relevant messages, it becomes possible to raise your bottom line by up to 40%!

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