Yesterday Reuters published a story in which they pointed to Pushwoosh as a Russian company, supposed to hand over user data to Russian security agencies. The following is our official statement.

Pushwoosh Inc. is the sole proprietor of all IP rights assigned to Pushwoosh Service and a primary legal entity of the Pushwoosh brand. Pushwoosh Inc. is a privately held C-Corp company incorporated under the state laws of Delaware, USA. Pushwoosh Inc. was never owned by any company registered in the Russian Federation.

Pushwoosh Inc. used to outsource development parts of the product to the Russian company in Novosibirsk, mentioned in the article. However, in February 2022, Pushwoosh Inc. terminated the contract.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Pushwoosh has been operating globally. Our dedicated engineering and support teams are currently located all over the globe, including Thailand, Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Serbia, Georgia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Israel, and more. Thus, Pushwoosh Team members connect to work in the time zones from UTC+07:00 to UTC-06:00, therefore being able to contribute to the code, troubleshoot and respond to our customers around the clock.

Pushwoosh’s privately owned Data Center Facilities are located in Nuremberg, Germany and Washington DC, USA. Pushwoosh Inc.'s data policy is compliant with GDPR and governed by SCC from the European Commission.

Pushwoosh guarantees that none of the customers' data has ever been transferred outside Germany and the USA to any country, including the Russian Federation. Furthermore, Pushwoosh has never been contacted by any government regarding customer data.

"We haven't found any sign of deceptive or malicious intent in Pushwoosh's activity.” Reuters, 2022

Pushwoosh is committed to delivering our customers the best possible products and services, and the security of the customer data is our top priority. Pushwoosh takes its responsibilities seriously under all applicable sanctions, regulations, and laws. Reuters has found no evidence Pushwoosh mishandled user data, nor have they seen any sign of deceptive or malicious intent in Pushwoosh’s activity.

Founded in 2014, Pushwoosh is the pioneer of push notification providers. Pushwoosh allows companies from different industries to launch effective real-time communications, build Customer Journeys and engage mobile and web users via app and web push notifications, emails, in-app messages, SMS, WhatsApp, and other channels.

Modern marketers struggle with a lack of IT resources and inconsistent communications with users in many channels, often destroying relations with their audiences through overwhelming and irrelevant messaging. To change our customers’ game, we have leveraged our mobile expertise & developed advanced mobile app segmentation tools, ready-to-use templates, new channels, and a visual journey builder to orchestrate marketing communications.

We proudly serve 100,000+ customers in all regions and time zones, sending 1.5B+ push notifications daily and supporting 20+ mobile and web platforms and communication channels. Choose the right partner, Pushwoosh, to evolve your communications and user interactions!

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