We are extremely excited to provide new updates regarding overall improvements of the entire Pushwoosh system.

Now it’s time to rock the boat and release the feature that is high in-demand for many product owners all over the world.

Pushwoosh Unreal Engine Plugin Beta 0.1 for iOS and Android Released

Unreal Engine is known as one of the most widespread and powerful game engines. From this point forward, you can make your mobile game talk using push notifications powered by Pushwoosh. Make your project talk to your users and inform them of new updates and game changes!


What Makes Pushwoosh Unreal Engine Plugin so Special?

This is the first Pushwoosh plugin that requires no coding to be integrated! Allow us to repeat this one more time, this Pushwoosh plugin requires no coding to be integrated! Literally, zero lines of code are needed to integrate the plugin to your project. The only settings you need to configure the project are Application Id and Project Number. Both of them are presented in the editor.

Unreal Engine Plugin

The only action you need to perform is simple “drag and drop” manipulation.

Unreal Engine Plugin

Please check out our guide before starting your integration!

For those who like more sophisticated approach and would like to integrate their project manually we have the C++ integration guide.

Please note that Android libraries used by Unreal Engine are a bit outdated while Pushwoosh supports the latest versions of Google Play and Android Support libraries. That may cause some unexpected issues on Android devices. We are working in collaboration with Unreal team to exclude any discrepancies in the code and will inform you of any related updates.

Stay tuned for more Pushwoosh updates and don’t hesitate to contact us via help@pushwoosh.com or Contact Us form on our website. You can also ping us on Twitter or Facebook. As we always get inspiration from our users, please leave your feedback so we can continue improving the plugin and make it better for you!