First of all, I would like to clarify a couple of things. The title you can see above is a bit bold, but it hasn’t been chosen out of the blue. When talking about push notifications, you should realize clearly: It’s a very easy task to send a user some information in a push message, a text, a video, an audio, no matter what. But if you want to capture the user’s attention, show something really urgent, valuable and profitable – brace yourself, that’s the hardest one. It doesn’t mean the valuable content requires strong development skills to be created. Not at all. Our integration is very simple even for a non-tech person.

The valuable content requires imagination, creativity and delicacy! Now, when you have such a powerful tool in hand, it’s only up to you to create something smashing. Send informative and critical alerts, visually pleasing announcements, magnetizing promo materials and deliver a real value to your customers for the purpose of your unique push campaign. But do it with care.

And that’s what this blog post is about: How to prosper using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, where the sledgehammer is a Lock Screen Push and a nut is a goal of your push campaign.

Lock Screen Push

Lock Screen Push is Out!

Today is October, 11th. There is a fall outside the window and also Apple with its massive releases, aiming at rocking the boat one more time. We in Pushwoosh stay abreast and release our own tremendous feature. Lock Screen Push is up and ready to make changes. Now you can be far more convincing than ever before, sending breaking news, showcases and every rich media content you can imagine right on the lock screen of the Android devices. You can find the simple integration guide on our website. The setup is elementary, but be sure you are pushing it right! Below are our friendly advices on how to use and not to use Lock Screen Push.

To-Do List

Here are 3 simple rules that will help you create valuable content for your users.

1. Send personalized pushesWe have a great variety of targeting and segmentation tools. Use them to make your push messages as personal and appealing as possible. Remember, there is no unified content, which is valuable for everyone. All people are different and the touch to them should be different too.

2. Stay timelyWe live in a fast-paced world, where the things are changing every moment. Trends come and go, the information which is relevant today may be useless tomorrow. When planning to send a push, consider this to stay relevant.

3. Be creative and tactfulYes. It’s easy to say and hard to do. Still, this is the essential part of push campaign. Not every person would be happy to get 100% DISCOUNT CLICK NOW push with flashing garish banners ESPECIALLY right on their lock screen. It’s not so easy to create a pleasant rich media design, but you’ll be surprised how beneficial may be a showcase, made with love and care. By the way, you can use our pre-defined Rich Media templates until you design your own.

Not-To-Do List

Here you can find the examples of what you shouldn’t do if you don’t want to lose users and weaken your brand. Look, it’s very simple.

1. Don’t abuse the technologyRemember, you surely can get through thousands of miles and a lock screen to try sell something to the end-user. But have a think first, wouldn’t it be an overkill? You know, we introduced this way of communication to deliver life-changing news first. Urgency and Value here trump Marketing and Sales. Keep it in mind and your users will be grateful.

2. Don’t forget about time zonesImagine, you send a lovely-designed rich media saying that there is a 99% discount in your online shop and it will last 12 hours from now. No one reacts, click through rate is miserable. Relax, you just forgot to consider the time zones, your users are sleeping right now and hardly interested in any sales.

3. Don’t ignore testingThe golden rule says you’d better double check to be sure everything is working fine. This matters 1000 times more when you are using such a powerful tool like Lock Screen Push. Nicely done, it can leverage the user experience significantly, but please, don’t send your audience a poor-quality content, they won’t thank you for this!

**4. Don’t be too pushy!**Even a perfectly-designed Rich Media with a valuable offers or news can drive you crazy if it pops on your lock screen 10 times a day. It’s no need to send three identical push messages. The one sent on time is far more efficient. It’s really important to know when enough is enough.

Stay Tuned

We sincerely hope these advices can help you create things that matter and provide your users with a truly remarkable content.

Reaching out is easy! We are always happy to receive your feedback via or Contact Us form on our website. You can also ping us on Twitter and Facebook with your suggestion, ideas and solutions.