Since our announcement on Chrome pushes support, this feature has been drawing attention of both web and mobile users.

That is why we would like to point out that Google team has done some changes in the protocol since Chrome 42.

When push was first implemented in Chrome 42, the spec also defined a subscriptionId, which Chrome used to pass a GCM ID to the web app. The spec has since changed and removed subscriptionId, so in Chrome 44 the subscriptionId is appended to the endpoint object with a ‘/’ inbetween, but is still accessible in Chrome 44 legacy reasons. In Chrome 45, the subscriptionId will be completely removed.

Therefore, we highly advise you to get ready for the upcoming Chrome 45:

  • Download the updated script;
  • Make sure you put the correct Pushwoosh APPLICATION CODE in it;
  • Replace the old script on your website with a new one.

As a result web push notifications will work on all Chrome versions starting with 42. We did our best to make the transition as smooth as possible for you!Please share your questions and concerns, if you have any!