Dear friends,

Today truly is a remarkable day in the history of Pushwoosh. We still remember those romantic times some years ago when we were still a startup counting our first steps, following every million pushes being sent and keeping our fingers crossed for our database experiments.

However, we were not alone; we met you, our users. You were testing us out, giving us chances, commenting and discussing, demanding and encouraging. We had to prove ourselves every day, fighting for a lighter SDK, easier integration, shorter guides, faster performance, and, most importantly, the real value behind all these technicalities. We wanted you to believe in the new era of mobile communications that redefines our reality of instant and very personal interactions.

Yes, each push is an interaction. It is not content generated by us; it’s a small piece of information that flows between you, our users, and your partners, customers, players, passengers, teammates, and soulmates, and we are thankful that you let us be a part of it.

How big is this part anyway? Today we celebrate 50 billion push notifications sent from our Public Cloud. 50,000,000,000 if you put it in the language of numbers. It is hard to comprehend anything of such amounts, it does not even seem much from the first glance. If you compare 50B to the current population of the Earth, it’s only seven times more. Well, let us put it this way:

If we were sending only one push per second, we would have to start back in 430 AD, almost 1585 years ago, to be done by today.

Luckily, our servers have better performance metrics.

Once again, we would not have done it without you. Please keep up the good work; we look forward to “100 billion and counting”!

Max Konev CEO