What Are Mobile and Web Pushes?

Mobile and Web Push Notifications represent a truly ubiquitous channel of communication. App owners and web publishers can reach out to their users with unified campaigns across all modern platforms at once.

Data-Proven Statistics

All info presented here is based on data collected by Pushwoosh. We have more than 2.4 billion devices registered in our database, and we hit the 550 billion sent notifications milestone a while ago. Pushwoosh sends more than 550 million pushes daily, and the number is growing rapidly.

We are keen on building close, trust-based partnerships with more than 80,000 clients, which often last for years.

Push Notifications User Base

More than 50% of iOS users and more than 80% of Android users enable push notifications on their mobile devices.

Web Push Notifications have an impressive Opt-in rate of almost 90%.

This makes push messaging a truly comprehensive channel of communication you just can’t simply ignore if you want to reach your audience effectively. Seems too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look!

The Real Value of Push Notifications

Imagine you have a mobile application or a website, and you want to address your audience with compelling messages. Thus you are looking for an efficient communication channel, which is cost-effective and highly productive at the same time. There is no better option than push messaging and that’s why.

Instant feedback and interactions

10-20% of users visit an application or a website right after they receive a mobile push notification. Up to 12% of those who receive push notifications on websites interact with them instantly. You can reach your audience 24/7 and receive instant feedback without having your user taking additional steps, such as open a mailbox. No other channel of communication will assure you an instant response.

Increased engagement & Improved User Retention

On average a push campaign raises user retention up to 20-40%. This value is crucial for your marketing campaign, and push notifications do a great job engaging and motivating your customers.

User Engagement Growth reaches 110% upon average. It becomes possible due to the deep customization of push messaging offers.

Effective Targeting

Audience segmentation increases open rate and conversion of apps and websites by 200-300%. Average push messages open rate is about 15% (Email has only 3%). Targeted Push Messaging has much better open rate of 30%.

Summing Up

Personalization is a must nowadays if you want to make your marketing campaign compelling enough and reach the wider audience. Both literally and figuratively saying, there is no other way to address users effectively than to speak their own language. With all the customization tools push messaging possesses it appears to be the perfect match for your ideal growth hacking campaign. With all the opportunities push notifications opens to your product, don’t miss a chance to give a huge boost to its growth!