Acquiring new audience is essential to your marketing communications success. The more new users you can communicate to, the more loyal customers you have in the long run. To ensure all of your website visitors stay tuned, we've introduced the out-of-the-box subscription widget.

Last week we talked about the new methods of subscribing to web push notifications in Firefox and Chrome.

Briefly about the updates: in Firefox the quiet notification permission prompt now looks like a wiggling speech bubble appearing in the URL bar once a user comes to your site, no initial user action on the page is required. Chrome will automatically block notifications for users who typically deny notification opt-in requests and second, on sites with low opt in rates.

Pushwoosh Subscription prompt widget allows overcoming browser limitations on displaying the native prompt. You can either use the Topic-based widget, which we talked about last week — it allows visitors to subscribe to the notifications topics they are interested in — or, you can use two other available solutions:

The Default widget

Once you initialize the Pushwoosh SDK, this widget gently prompts website visitors to allow receiving push notifications from you, triggering the native subscription prompt. It creates long-time relationships with prospects and customers.

Use the Default widget to:

  • grow your audience: describe the benefits of receiving web push notifications to encourage existing customers to subscribe.
  • cut spends on integration: it works out-of-the-box and needs almost no coding to be implemented.

How it works:

The Default widget contains plain text explaining the value of push notifications and two buttons to allow or forbid receiving pushes. Once a user presses the Confirmation button, the native subscription prompt is triggered.

NOTE: When using the Default widget, it's important to explain to your users why they should subscribe (try to explain why your notifications will be useful) - this way, the visitors will see a clear reason to subscribe.

A Custom widget

In Pushwoosh you can also create your own customized subscription widget that will look exactly the way you want and meet all of your requirements. Even though it involves coding from your side, the result is always an excellent addition to the user experience of your customers. Check out our guide on how to create your custom subscription widget here.

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