Introducing the Wait For Event feature: cohesive behavior-based messaging with Customer Journey.

We've already talked about the capabilities of Customer Journey ⁠— a visual campaign builder, which allows marketers to create and edit behavior-based message flows on a canvas.

A simple drag-and-drop tool is perfect for creating well-thought-out message sequences that automatically deliver personalized emails and push notifications to every customer, based on their user experience in the app or on a website.

The Wait For Event feature

Recently we've added new functionality that makes customer communication even more cohesive and easy. The Wait For Event element lets you set different communication scenarios based on whether a user triggers a particular event within a specified time period or not.

For example, to recover an abandoned shopping cart, set up the Wait for event element as follows:

(The ProductAdd event means a product has been added to the cart by your user):

The Wait For Event element checks if the product has been bought within the next 5 minutes (this waiting period can be changed, but it cannot be over 90 days).

If the event has been triggered (meaning your product has been bought), the reminder is not delivered. However, if you user hasn't checked out, they will receive the reminder to make a purchase via a push notification. You can also deliver an email as an alternative (or deliver both).

Other use cases of Wait For Event include:

  • Onboarding (checking if a new user has completed key actions, so that you can send them other relevant tips);
    The Wait For Event feature is especially useful here, because it allows checking whether a new user has reached a milestone that can trigger the next sequence of relevant messages.
  • Promotional activities (have they already used your special offer or should you remind them again?)
  • Loyalty programs (has the particular customer performed an action you can reward them for?)
  • And many others

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