Pushwoosh is removing the ability to create new Triggered Messages on May, 1st. If you are currently using Triggered Messages, we recommend that you migrate to Pushwoosh Customer Journey - it's a better and more effective way to set up event-based messaging.

Triggered Messages have been a helpful functionality to Pushwoosh users, allowing them to build effective real-time messaging with users based on their actions in the app and on the website. Now we're glad to announce that Triggered Messages have been improved and transformed into Customer Journey - a visual campaign building tool for marketers.

We've been collecting customer feedback, and it allowed us to improve our automation solutions, making them even more simple, visual and effective.

Compared to Triggered Messages, Customer Journey allows you to design message flows on a canvas, which makes it much easier to plan cohesive communication via push notifications and emails.

Besides, it offers more detailed and useful statistics, simplifying the task of tracking the performance of your campaigns and improving them based on existing results.

There are multiple ways you can set up your message sequences based on the actions your users perform, and have it all displayed in one place.

The journey your customers go through is right on your screen, and you can always easily re-evaluate and improve it.

The journey elements allow you to split your audience by certain criteria and guide them in different directions, making your messages highly personalized, relevant and timely.

Each flow shows exactly how many users have gone through it, how many of them proceeded further, so that you know how impactful each message of the sequence is.

Switch to Customer Journey now and see the multiple benefits of cohesive behavior-based messaging!

You can also contact support for more details or request a demo to let us show you how Customer Journey can boost your marketing efficiency: