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1. Add the Pushwoosh module to your app according to the Configuration for your Modules article on Trigger.io

2. Set up push notifications handler:

forge.internal.addEventListener("pushwoosh.pushReceived", function (notification) { alert('push received: ' + notification); } );
**3.** Set up push registration handler:
forge.internal.addEventListener("pushwoosh.registrationSuccess", function (status) { log('registered with token: ' + status['deviceToken']); } );
**4.** Call “onDeviceReady” method (make sure you call this method each time the app starts):
forge.pushwoosh.onDeviceReady({"pw_appid":"XXXX-XXXX", "gcm_id":"123456789012"}); // pw_appid is your Pushwoosh Application Code, gcm_id is your Google Project Number
**5.** Register for push notifications:
That’s it!

Module API

**Module API Docs