Some marketers still don't know they can use push notifications for boosting conversions, retaining users, and encouraging purchases. Meanwhile, this communication channel increases user engagement by 110%, retention - by 70%, and customer LTV - by 50%.

What Are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are alert-style messages that slide in at the top or bottom right corner of a screen, depending on a user's browser or mobile device.

App publishers and website owners can send them at any time, and users don’t have to be in the app / on the website to receive them. A smartphone user can see notifications even when their phone is locked. Being highly personalized and hard to ignore, push notifications are one of the most popular customer communication channels among marketers.

Why Use Push Notifications?

With the help of these messages, you can deliver relevant and personalized content to your customers at the most appropriate moments. It's great for improving user experience and adding extra value to your app or website.

When it comes to the benefits for your business, you can use this communication channel for increasing customer retention, engagement, and conversions. Push notifications are perfect for encouraging purchases.

Customer Retention

Did you know that just by boosting customer retention by 5%, your profits gain a boost of 25% to 95%? These statistics have been shared by Forbes through an article. As long as you keep your contacts correctly segmented, you can send targeted messages to loyal customers to entice them to make repeat purchases and use your app more.

Sometimes users simply forget about your app - that's why it's important to remind them about it via push notifications - they will be displayed and noticed even if your app's not launched. Another great way to retain users is sending exclusive offers and discounts via push notifications, which is how you show the customers you care and want them back.


Nowadays push notifications have to be personalized and relevant - this way they grab more attention from users who tend to get spammed by various apps.

Behavior-based messaging is a must for effective customer engagement. By delivering push notifications based on a user's actions in the app / on your site, you make sure your messages are always timely, personalized, and highly relevant.

Pushwoosh Customer Journey allows you to launch a chain of push notifications that will be delivered to a user once they perform a specific action (for example, subscribe to a certain news category or add a product into their shopping cart).

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You can add timers and certain conditions that will trigger the delivery of a push notification. Your message chain can be built on a map, which makes it much easier to plan your communications.

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Another great way to drive conversions via push notifications is segmenting your audience based on various criteria and delivering the content that will make the biggest impact.

For example, an e-commerce business can deliver push notifications based on a user's purchase history or their favorite product categories. You can identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities for each segment and target your existing customers to increase repeat purchases.

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To summarize, push notification marketing creates numerous opportunities for increasing engagement, sales, and user activity. These messages can make a great contribution to the value that your app and website present to users.

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