Targeted push notifications have helped Telepizza, the world’s leading Mediterranean pizza delivery company, drive sales and make $2400+ from a single push.

Telepizza Success Story Metrics

Telepizza is one of the largest pizza restaurant chains worldwide. Operating in Spain, the UK, Switzerland, and other countries of the European Union, South America, and the Middle East, it has a wide range of location-based special offers and events.


  • Increase sales and revenue by notifying its customers about special offers and events at the nearest pizza restaurants, based on users' locations


Javier Bosque - Telepizza

Javier Bosque

Head of E-Commerce & Media at Telepizza

Pushwoosh were known as leaders in the push notification market, and we didn't regret choosing them. We've seen a real increase in conversions and sales, especially from using geo-targeted pushes!

Customizable push notifications for different geozones allowed Telepizza to inform its customers about local special offers at high-impact moments.

As soon as a customer enters a certain geozone (usually 300–500 meters away from a restaurant), they get a push notification about a special offer (for example, "Pizza of the week for a special price").

It's a combination of the perfect time and the perfect place that ensures high CTRs and drives sales!

Telepizza sends push notifications with Pushwoosh
Pushwoosh does not support the Geozones functionality anymore. As an alternative, you can use attribute-based segmentation using zero-party data on the user's location. For example, when a user signs up, you can ask them to pick a city from the list and set the chosen location as a Tag value for the user. This will allow you to send targeted offers about currently running promos in the specified location.

Another option is to benefit from Pushwoosh's event-triggered segmentation. It's diverse and profound, which is key to precise targeting and effective communication.

Javier Bosque - Telepizza

Javier Bosque

Head of E-Commerce & Media at Telepizza

Pushwoosh's targeting is precise and effective. And it's as easy as sending broadcast and simple scheduled pushes. All messages came relevant to our international audience.

Broadcast push notifications about special offers also increase the company’s revenue significantly. More than 2.3M users of the Telepizza app are subscribed to pushes. Such notifications usually have a 0.8% CTR and a 4–7% conversion rate, which means that one notification brings 300–450 orders to Telepizza, totaling $2400–$3600 (given the minimum order value of $8).

Do you wish to drive your sales and revenue as successfully? Pushwoosh can get you equipped with the right tools. Contact our team to learn how you can create your success story.

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