Certain types of content resonate with specific user groups. Divide your audience into segments based on their content preferences to build highly engaging communications with each of them. No coding required! Subscription Segments is a simple, yet effective out-of-the-box solution.

Some user segments get easily engaged by one type of content, others prefer something else. Segmenting your audience based on its content preferences is essential for building effective communications. Done correctly, segmentation helps ensure your subscribers get the right information, in the right format, at the right time. It has huge impact on open rates, conversions and, as a result, revenue.

Segmentation based on preferred content allows users to get only those updates that they deem important. Such push notifications have high CTR (on average 7-9%) and contribute to the audience growth.

Pushwoosh offers a simple and effective out-of-the-box solution for user segmentation. No coding needed!

Subscription Segments: how they work

For new users:

  1. The user launches your app;
  2. Opt-in request shows up on the user's screen:

3.   The user leaves check-marks on the topics they want to be updated on via push notifications:

4.   Done! The user is subscribed and will now be updated on their preferred topics.

For users who are already subscribed to push notifications:

  1. The user clicks on Settings;
  2. The user specifies their content preferences by check-marking their favorite topics and saves the changes;
  3. Done!

NOTE: At the moment Subscription Segments work for push messaging, but soon the solution will support communications via Email as well.

Informing existing users about Subscription Segments

If you already have a userbase that receives push notifications, we recommend informing them about the opportunity to choose what topics to get updated on. To do so, just send your audience a push notification or an email explaining that by clicking on the bell widget on your site or going to the settings in your app, they can specify their content preferences and receive only the updates they are interested in.


You can always customize the appearance of your opt-in request: the number and the order of topics, text and its color, background images etc.

The main benefits of Subscription Segments:

  • Reduced cost of integration: no need to involve developers to start using segmentation of this kind. Pushwoosh provides this out of the box solution, and it's ready to use right away!
  • Stable growth of CTR: every app user consciously chooses the topics that they want to subscribe to, which means they are interested in the updates. As a result, users click on the notifications more often.
  • Higher opt-in rate (more subscribers): the opportunity to select favorite topics lets users understand they will only receive relevant/interesting information, so they are more likely to subscribe.

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