Unique Secure Push Notifications technology to protect sensitive data.

Though push notifications are a great way to communicate with customers, there is an issue to solve - push messages lack security. Undoubtedly, personal data needs to be appropriately protected as it’s highly valuable and sensitive. Push notifications, in general, aren’t safe enough to contain personal data. Therefore, industries dealing with financial and other sensitive information suffer losses since they are not able to benefit from the fastest communication channel.

To make push messaging safe to use, Pushwoosh has developed Secure Push Notifications. Innovative protection technology ensures the recipient is the only one to read the push notification content and guarantees the confidentiality of transaction details, payment information, terms of service, etc.

The technology is based on robust data encryption: user’s device generates an asymmetric pair of keys - Private Key and Public Key. The data encrypted with the Public Key may only be decrypted with the Private Key stored on the device. This procedure allows to protect data effectively - no third parties have access to push messages you send to users. Every push notification is impossible to intercept, even if there’s malware present on user’s device.

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