We have released a new update of the Pushwoosh Control Panel with quite a few new features we’ve been discussing with our community lately, and some sufficient improvements of both front- and back-end. Here’s what’s new this time:

RSS Feeds: you can make Pushwoosh send broadcast notifications with latest RSS feed entries to all your app subscribers. The feed is being called for updates every hour, but you can force-refresh it manually if needed. You can add multiple RSS feeds to each application.

Dynamic Content: values of the default City and Country tags in dynamic content of your messages are pre-processed and humanized now, so the Country tag “uk” value will be displayed as United Kingdom on a device.

Besides, we have reworked our Statistics, added proper error response codes for Blackberry, updated to a new GeoIP database which now makes Country&City filtering more precise, updated our WordPress plugin, and made a few dozens of tiny yet necessary fixes and improvements.

Also, we have some other improvements that are available upon request now: new Integer tags, Timezoning feature, and Application Tags. App Tags will let you to set any of your tags to store its values for different applications separately.

That is, if two of your apps are installed on the same device, and both apps send different values of the same tag to Pushwoosh, these tag values for this very device will not intersect any more, and will be stored separately. All you have to do is enable the “Tag values are application-specific” checkbox when creating a tag.

These three improvements are expected to be online for all Pushwoosh accounts in a week time. If you would like to test it before that, just let us know, and we will activate it manually for your account.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with new functionality, or if you have any thoughts on its further improvement.