Reasons to use push notifications are truly numerous, but the question you’ll ask yourself first is always the same: Should I run my own push notification server or use one of the push providers?

What is it like to run your own push notification server?

Self-hosted push notifications require a lot of things that can’t simply be ignored:

  • Infrastructure
  • Technical support
  • Service development
  • Stress testing
  • Release and Update policy

All these components need a whole lot of time and money and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Our service is ready to work here and now. No development or testing is needed to integrate Pushwoosh and start sending mobile and web push notifications immediately.


No matter how experienced your development team is, you just can’t simply send a million pushes. Connections are being dropped, queues are growing, your database goes haywire. You’ll need time and cash to handle time-sensitive campaigns anyway.

Every single day we send 250+ million push notifications, and we do it blazingly fast! We take all the development and quality assurance costs upon us and give you stable and easy-to-use service.


When you run your own push notification server, there is no way system resiliency can be guaranteed, and sporadic backups would not protect your project. You risk losing your data, and that is the worst thing to happen right in the middle of the push campaign!

We provide our clients with a robust service with guaranteed uptime and fault tolerance. Real-time replication is ensured by our high-end privately owned hardware.

Pushwoosh expertise

We’ve built trust-based relationships with more than 45,000 clients, more than 80,000 apps receive push messages powered by Pushwoosh. More than 250 million notifications are delivered by Pushwoosh on a daily basis.

We work closely with our community to make sure that all features we provide are valuable and relevant. Your push campaigns will be handled by professionals who know digital communications from A to Z!

Stay tuned and you’ll know why the scalability of a service matters that much, what features of a push service are most in-demand, and how we create a real value for our customers.