The minute when the votes are tallied. The second when the decisive goal is scored. Your audience wants to receive such news immediately. And your competitors are already there to serve.

You don’t want to lose an app visitor to a competing medium that happens to send a push notification faster. You want to receive every click your news post deserves. You can now get it with the new Promote News feature in Pushwoosh.

Great news for editors, content managers, and app marketers

To promote a piece of content with a push, you will now have to make literally two clicks.

Copypaste the link into the “Source URL” field, preview your notification, and press “Woosh”. This is it — provided you are pleased with the text a post writer put in the meta description.

Otherwise, you can spend another moment refining your push title, message, and icon.

Promote News Faster with Pushwoosh

You can select an action that your readers will take when they click a push. You can also set up a filter and send this quick notification to a specific segment. The workflow is similar to sending a normal push — just quicker.

Gain time when you only have seconds to promote news

When it’s breaking news or an emergency update, you have to deliver it without delay.

With the Promote News feature, an editor or a blog manager will get to send a push in no time. They will manage to do it without the help of a developer or a marketing manager. Even if they are not quite used to the Pushwoosh interface, they won’t have to figure out the entire platform. They will only need to know where the “Promote News” button is.

Streamline your editorials distribution and re-engage readers

Push notifications may account for some 10% of the news app opens (like it is known about USA Today). According to another study, 58% of respondents would open a news app directly from the notification. Either way, it makes sense to leverage this extra source of traffic to your longreads.

You may decide to promote an earlier piece of content, like a relevant opinion article or an interview. You won’t like to invest a lot into its second flight of distribution, so an effortless push will be just right.

Have you ever counted how many notifications your editorial team has to manage a day? On average, a publisher with a mobile app sends over 121 push notifications per month. Now calculate how much time you can save if you send your regular seven pushes a day within seconds. It’s possible the Promote News feature.

Personal bloggers and corporate content creators can speed up new blog post distribution with this feature too.

Learn what media experts recommend to news apps when it comes to sending push notifications

Content-based apps, this is your chance to push ahead too

Pushwoosh developed the Promote News feature primarily for media outlets, newsrooms, all sorts of publishers, and sports apps. However, all sorts of content-based apps can benefit from the feature too.

A travel app can spread the news on the borders reopening and flights renewal. A wellness app can share useful articles about health in a convenient way. Or think of an entertainment app that can deliver a weekend movie playlist on a Friday night.

Do you promote news fast enough?

Earlier, Pushwoosh users had a chance to send High-Speed Pushes and deliver up to 500,000 notifications per second.

Now it’s more than the speed of push delivery. It’s the speed of push creation that empowers media editors and app marketers to win the battle for their audience’s attention.

Click the button, go to your working app, and press the Promote News card.