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You should get your **NOKIA_SERVICE_ID** and **NOKIA_APP_ID** in [Notifications API Developer Console](https://account.nnapi.ovi.com/cm/Web/services.jsp)
To integrate Pushwoosh into your NOKIA application you need to do the following:

1. Download Pushwoosh.jar and add it to your project.

2. Add the code below to your midlet:

mPushManager = new PushManager(midlet, "PW_APP_ID", "NOKIA_SERVICE_ID", "NOKIA_APP_ID", this);
midlet – Midlet for the app

PW_APP_ID – Pushwoosh App Id

NOKIA_SERVICE_ID and NOKIA_APP_ID – the values from Nokia Dev Console
(Ex: “com.pushwoosh.nokia.test” and “test.nokia.pushwoosh.com”)

this – PushNotificationsListener implementation (see below)

The class to which you have added the code above should implement PushNotificationsListener.

3. The next step is to override following methods:

public void onRegistered(String pushToken) { // execute after successful registration } public void onPushNotificationReceived(String pushPayload) { // execute when a push notification is received } public void onUnregistered() { // execute after the device has been successfully unregistered } public void onErrorRegistering(Exception e) { // execute if the registration failed } public void onErrorUnregistering(Exception e) { // execute this code if unregistration is not successful }
**4.** Currently the PushManager provides the functionality enlisted below. You can see the information about these methods using your IDE.
//push notifications registration and unregistration void registerForPushNotifications(); void unregisterFromPushNotifications(); //Get push notification user data String getCustomData(String payload); //Send tags asynchronously static void sendTags(final Hashtable tags, final SetTagsListener callBack); //Get tags from Pushwoosh service synchronously. Do not call on the main thread as this will block the UI. static Hashtable getTagsSync(); //Get tags from Pushwoosh service asynchronously static void getTags(final GetTagsListener listener); //Function to create incremental integer tag value static Hashtable incrementalTag(Integer intValue);