Dear friends!

Today is the huge day in Pushwoosh history. We are totally excited to tell you that we’ve passed the one billion devices mark and it’s awesome on so many levels!

The new peak was successfully conquered and we couldn’t have done it without your help. Yes, we mean what we say. You were testing us out, giving us chances, commenting and discussing, demanding and encouraging. With your assistance we went through fire and water to show a great improvement and reach this milestone. We had to work hard every day to prove that our service can help you change the world.

Here in Pushwoosh we believe that now we are one step closer to this lofty aim. No, this is not an overstatement at all. We grew from 500 million devices mark to one billion in less than one year and it’s not the limit.

What is one billion? What’s so special in this number?

Well, we’ve reached this goal as one of the other previously set ones, and we are not going to stop here. The ultimate goal is to mark a new era of mobile communications and redefine the concept of real-time push messaging. And we invite you to go side by side and put these ambitious plans into practical results. Together we can reach the end of the universe and even more!

Buy the way, while I was writing this post, the counter passed the 1000500000 mark and it’s still counting. Luckily, our servers are of impressive capacity :)

Thank you again for all the assistance given and time spent! Please keep up and remember – sky is not the limit!