In-app messaging is the perfect channel to reach your customers while they’re engaged with your brand in the moments that matter the most: when they have just made a purchase, received an order, or achieved a new level in the game. However, even enthusiastic mobile users may skip your in-app message if it is designed in a default template used by so many other apps. To grab user attention, apps should use eye-catching in-app formats that ignite engagement rather than simply drop a message on the screen.

Up-to-date forms of in-app messages like in-app stories, feedback surveys, and discount offers that use the wheel of fortune and scratchcard mechanics can flourish your marketing efficiency and help you achieve the desired results. And now Pushwoosh offers all of these catchy in-app formats for your mobile app to grow!

Let’s have a look at what kind of in-app message templates you can now send in Pushwoosh.

In-App Stories

New In-App Message Template: In-App Stories in Pushwoosh

This well-known and comprehensive type of communication allows telling your brand story in multiple screens with text and graphic content. And now in-app stories are available in Pushwoosh! The format has all chances of becoming your essential tool for promoting product updates and driving sales.

Why use in-app stories? To boost user engagement and conversions into purchases in a more subtle and effective way.

Which industries benefit the most? In-app stories are a versatile form of content that comes in handy for nearly every industry: e-commerce, mobile games, fintech, and any type of subscription-based apps.

How to use in-app stories? Boost in-app purchases by promoting new products and services in a set of stories. Excite a user with the new products and features first, then make your offer when a user is most likely ready to make a purchase.

Feedback Survey

New In-App Message Template: Feedback Surveys in Pushwoosh

This tool makes feedback collection easy. Get the insights that will inform and guide your app improvement process from one-screen customer surveys via in-app messages.

Why use in-app feedback surveys? To collect product feedback with a single-screen questionnaire while keeping customers within the app instead of redirecting (and losing) them to Google Forms or NPS Surveys.

Which industries benefit the most? When we were developing the in-app feedback survey template, these two verticals were on our mind first: e-commerce, as online stores may need to collect feedback after an order is delivered, and media, where conducting surveys might be useful for asking readers about their preferred topics.

How to use feedback surveys? Choose a segment of users whose feedback will be valuable for you — for example, those who have just made an order in your e-commerce app. Ask these buyers how smooth the ordering process was, if they’re happy with the payment methods provided, and any other questions which will help you make your app even better.

Wheel of Fortune

New In-App Message Template: Wheel of Fortune in Pushwoosh

You can now do a favorite thing of many e-commerce customers – send interactive promo codes! Set a number of discount options and let your customers feel lucky. The functionality of this new feature allows you to peg a discount to any of your products, subscription packages or services.

Why use the wheel of fortune? It’s an effective way to boost engagement, in-app purchases, and brand loyalty.

Which industries benefit the most? E-commerce and any subscription-based apps if they send a message like “try your luck and win a subscription discount!”

How to use the wheel of fortune? It works best for giving away discounts and bonuses: you tie a specific reward to each section of the wheel, and the customer receives one by random choice.


New In-App Message Template: Scratchcard in Pushwoosh

Unlike the wheel of fortune, this type of in-app message incentivizes a user with one and only predefined promo code with the discount — but still does it in an interactive way. The mechanics are simple: users need to rub the card with their fingers to get the discount promo code.

Why use scratchcards? To pursue almost every goal you have set: to boost engagement, conversions, in-app purchases, and brand loyalty.

Which industries benefit the most? Almost any, from (the most evident) e-commerce to subscription-based apps. Use the scratchcard feature at any moment you’d like to provide a user with a discount — now you can do so in a more attention-grabbing form.

How to use scratchcards? Since a promo code is added as text content into your in-app, you can send unique personalized discounts to each of your customers. It allows you to then track conversions and even distinguish the exact users who have used the code.

Be the first among your competitors who truly stands out. Engage and convert your customers with new interactive Android and IOS in-app message formats and take your marketing effectiveness to the next level.

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