With our new simple and intuitive interface, you can find what you're looking for in no time. Enjoy smooth platform navigation and complete your tasks much faster. The new look is based on several months of research and design, as well as multiple rounds of testing with existing customers.

Deep Navigation Restructuring

Pushwoosh functionality keeps getting richer every year: we constantly study the needs of our customers and create innovative solutions based on the requirements of companies from various industries. With our platform growing so fast, it's no surprise that eventually we faced the challenge of having a wide variety of features and a user interface that can hardly provide simple navigation between them all.

We've analyzed hundreds of user sessions recordings, interviews and questionnaire answers regarding the experience of using the product. Several months of work and team discussions resulted in a completely restructured and systemized interface that groups parts of Pushwoosh functionality into simple, yet logic sections of the Control Panel. The new workspace design provides smooth navigation and makes it easier to complete your tasks.

Channels-Based Communication

Being among the top 3 leading marketing automation platforms, Pushwoosh provides communications via 20+ platforms for over 80,000 customers. It's obvious that with this many communication solutions and complicated navigation between them, our users were sometimes hesitant to try new functionality, fearing to make their work harder and slower.

With the new channel-based navigation, it's never been easier to plan, create, run and analyze your campaigns — all in one place.

Platform-Centric Workspace

Interviewing multiple customers online allowed us to find out that often people have a certain project that is based on one single platform, and the remaining functionality makes it harder for such users to focus on their tasks. All the buttons in the previous version of the Control Panel (there were over 39 of them!) were making it easy to accidentally click on irrelevant functionality, waste time and get confused.

With the platform-centric (or project-centric, in other words) workspace, all the functionality you need is right where you expect it to be, where you can easily reach it. On one hand, all the capabilities of Pushwoosh are still available to you at any given moment, but on the other hand, everything you need for a certain project at this moment of time, is just one click away.

The new interface groups Pushwoosh functionality into 4 simple sections in the Control Panel: Messaging, Audience, Content and Settings:

  • Messaging
    In this section you'll find everything you need to send a message to your audience: choose the communication channel you need (email, mobile push notification, web push notification or in-app) and launch communication, using all the necessary functionality for every single channel.

    In the "Messaging" section you can also find Customer Journey Builder, which is a great solution for visual modeling of your communication strategies, creating, running and analyzing cross-channel campaigns.

  • Audience
    All you need to work with your subscriber base is located here. Use this tab to create tags and filters for audience segmentation, set up events for behavior-based messaging, import subscribers from a list and check statistics to see how your audience grows.
    User Explorer located in this tab will also help you learn more about your customers: who they are and how they act.

  • Content
    Use this tab to work with the content of your messages. Create and manage presets, email templates and upload rich media pages. All these pieces of content are re-usable, and you can quickly access them to launch a new email/push campaign with fewer effort.

  • Settings
    In the Settings tab, you can configure a new platform, set up a custom subscription prompt, get API access, manage your test devices and create Deep Links (they guide your user to a certain app/site page once they tap on a push notification).

Now that the functionality is divided into these sections, you don't have to search for the solution you need in a long list. You can launch a new campaign much faster — just in a few clicks.

Try the new Control Panel now and see the difference:

Or request a free demo to let us show you around:

NOTE: To switch from classic design to the updated version, click on "Switch to New Design" in your Control Panel. You can also switch back to classic design afterwards.